March 11th, 2010


Sallie mae maybe bad service?

My boyfriend has loans through Sallie Mae, and his monthly payment is about $1,000. We really really can't afford that, so we requested forbearance. We had to send in a $150 fee though, which we did as a check. It was cashed, but.. he didn't get approved for forbearance.

He called them, and they said that they never got it. They told him to fax in the records to show proof we did. Well, obviously we're going to do that, but... somebody cashed it.. and we sent it to Sallie Mae? I just don't get it? I think this is pretty bad service. They were rude on the phone and kept asking my boyfriend "Do you have the records?, We need the records." Any advice?
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We could make beautiful misery together.

This is one that I was considering not bothering with even this morning, as Day 3 of not having a working furnace started. I'm not even sure who's failing at their job here yet, because something is wrong and no one's fessed up. Collapse )

Update: I caught one of my neighbors on my way in from work as he was going out to walk his dog. I asked if he'd had trouble with his heating this week, and he said yes, he'd woken up yesterday with no heat! He told me he called his own furnace repair man and was told the furnace was fine, and had made his own calls to Xcel energy. He said he saw the tech that I saw driving in (presumably the one whining that I was wasting his time) working on our block of meters, and sure enough, when I went back to look there is a brand new piece of equipment attached to them.

When I got into my unit I turned on the main gas valve, flipped the switch, and my god, I have hot air blowing at me.

Still need to talk to Xcel about some billing weirdness (which is more C_S than B_S I'm afraid, maybe someone working for them will post about me this week), so I will still be talking with them about their tech. But hey, at least my building isn't full of highly pressurized natural gas anymore.
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Cheesecake Factory

Before I begin, let me just clarify a couple of things: the staff at the Cheesecake Factory we went to, and even the staff on the phone, have been absolutely lovely.  It's whoever is specifically responsible for this problem (and we don't know yet who that is) that we're mad at.  Also, if this turns out to be the work of some random thief, I'll delete it, but at this point, it really looks like it was due to some sort of incompetence.

My dad buys dental supplies from a company that allows buyers to build up credits towards gift card purchases.  He keeps those and all the other gift cards rubber banded in a compartment of his car.  Among the gift cards he redeemed, he got a few for the Cheesecake Factory, issued by the restaurant, not the dental supply company.

Today we finally decided to use them, and had an absolutely fabulous lunch.  Time came to pay, he gives them the gift cards, and we are told they're all showing up as zero balance.  Which is weird, considering the fact that we've never used them.  So my dad calls the number on the back of the card, and the person he talks to says that they were all used by a Cheesecake Factory in Maryland about four days ago.  We're in upstate NY.  I don't think anyone in our household has ever even been to Maryland, especially considering my dad and I are the only people in our household who can drive.

So the card services gives him the corporate number.  He calls, they seem genuinely surprised, but they can't do anything at the moment.  Dad ends up just paying for the bill, but he calls them and the dental supply company so that they know that the restaurants they partner with are giving their customers faulty cards.  At this point, he's waiting for calls from people higher up than the ones he was able to get a hold of, but the only solution the Cheesecake Factory people could think of was that their treasury issued multiple cards with the same number, so unless someone broke into my dad's car just to steal the numbers off the gift cards, I can really only guess that someone at the card issuing place screwed up.

Actually I DID want my change back...thanks.

Okay.. so maybe this is just me being a bit of a cheap-skate... but hey... I'm semi broke and am pinching pennies lately. (Ive found that saving every little quarter and penny can add up to a good amount!) I was on my way to class and feeling like I needed a little pick-me-up. SO I stopped at  a Dunkin Donuts near my campus. I had a few singles in my wallet and ordered a coffee. My change was going to come out to a quarter and some little coins. Not much change, but hey, as I said I am saving all my change I get, plus I wanted to use the quarter in the parking meter at school.  So I get to the window, give the girl my money and she practically thrusts my coffee into my hand with a quick "have a nice day" (in a not so nice tone) and literally SLAMS the window shut and throws my change into the tip cup.


now I'm thinking to myself I DID want that change back. So I sit there... and wait, looking at her through the window. She opens the window back up to serve the next cup, not realizing I had not moved.

Girl: something wrong? (snitty tone again).

Me: (politely) I didn't get my change back..

Girl: *rolls eyes*'s like just a quarter.

Me: Yes... but I would still like my change back please.

Girl: Well I already threw it in the cup..*looks at me as if expecting me to just accept that and move on... NOPE. I've worked at a Dunks before.. you can take it from the dang cup, ESPECIALLY if it is you that has made the mistake*

Me: Well if it's not too much trouble, can I get it back please? I needed that quarter for the parking meter at school.

Girl: *huffs* I'm really not supposed to take money out of the tip jar once I put it in.

Me: (now im just ticked off... and running late) Ya know what? If it's that much trouble just forget it.. and by the way, I've worked at Dunkin Donuts before and you CAN take it from the cup if you throw it in by mistake. Have a good one.

Rude? Maybe a little. Not nearly as rude as while I'm pulling away from the window I hear the girl say "stupid cheap bitch"

The worst part is, they completely messed up my coffee. Had it been the right coffee I would have just let the change thing slide. But seeing as my coffee was MUCH darker and had a heck of a lot less sugar than I asked for, I was pretty upset. (And before anyone asks why I didnt go back when I found out my coffee was wrong is because I didnt drink it till I got into my class.)

*EDIT** So.. i took everyone's advice and went back. I told the manager exactly what had happened, the day and near-exact time i had been there (to help figure out who had been on shift) and a brief physical description of the girl since I didn't catch her name. I told the manager that I'd be honest with her and that if I hadn't worked in a DD before I would have given the girl what for but that since I have worked at a few DD's before I know how it goes and  now try to be a bit nicer to the workers. The manager actually told me I SHOULD have said something to the girl or come in but could understand since I was on my way to class. She told me that she couldn't give me a quarter since the tip jar had been emptied the previous day, BUT did give me a new DELCIOUS coffee, and told me that she would be speaking to that girl since it's not the first complaint about that girl having an attitude and taking change. Thumbs up to the manager! No quarter..but fresh yummy coffee for me!! Hopefully that girl learns a lesson! :)