March 10th, 2010

Willow Eats

I wouldn't wanna be a serf in this Burger Kingdom.

A rough day at work and as I leave the store, I decide cooking and me aren't going to mix that evening. So, I head over to the nearby Burger King and decide to order one of their new Steakhouse burgers. It's the new one with bacon, bbq sauce, and melty cheese on it. It looked delicious. Fattening, but delicious. Large Fries, a diet coke (I hate regular coke)... I'll be set.


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As I'm driving home, I get a fry. Cold. Sandwich? Cold. Diet Coke? Warming... and not diet.

Oh, and they left the bacon off the sandwich.

tl;dr: Order highly advertised Burger King sandwich, set off chain of events that lead to 40 minute wait and a display of both intolerance and incompetence. And they still messed up the order. But I can't say that the lady who took my order didn't warn me.

Can Not Haz.

Around the first of February, I bought a t-shirt from which is owned by the people who publish I can Haz Cheezeburger. At first the service was really great, I accident;y put in the wrong size and within a few hours of sending them an email my order was changed.

During the week of Valentines day, the shirts were supposed to be shipped out but instead I got a mass email from the owner of the company stating that because of "Snowmegeddon" the shirts would be delayed. Ok, weather sucks, I understand.

Now obviously it's a full month later and I still have not gotten a shirt. The money has been taken from my account but I have not even received an email letting me know that it has even been shipped. I have emailed them several times asking for shipping information and have gotten nothing in return aside from an automated reply on the weekend letting me know that my email had been received and someone would deal with it on Monday (surprise! they didn't). I've not only emailed them through their provided emails but also through the trouble shooting box on their site with no help.

At this point I'm not really sure what I can do. I know it was only $15 but I don't even know if my shirt was shipped. Has anyone else bought from them and had better luck?
gwen spidey

McD's WTF.

This morning, I wanted a sausage biscuit. I pull up to the McD's up the road from my house and get one, on the way to work. I order at the speaker and pull around to the first window, where there's a lady texting. Whatever. She realizes I'm there after a few seconds, finishes her text, and takes my card.

She swipes it, and apparently as shes' waiting for it to authorize, she gets a text message. So what does she do? She picks up her phone and texts back, still holding onto my card.

It's not OMG THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE EVER, but something that made me go O.o buh? this morning.