March 8th, 2010

Publix bad service

It is rare that I find bad service at my local Publix....that is one of the reasons why I like to shop there.

On Friday Hubby called in an order for a deli tray and a dessert tray for a meeting he was hosting on Sunday. On Sunday he took our toddler with him to church while I stayed home. I met him at Publix to pick up the baby and buy a few things we needed for dinner while Hubby picked up the tray and went back to church. We each had a cart so it did not look like we are together. I was standing in line at the deli to buy some meat for a sandwich while Hubby was a few feet away at the counter where you pick up the deli trays.
So he gave his name and the guy immediately assumed he was there to pick up a tray that was not picked up the night before. Not only was it not our tray but our name is very odd and the name on this tray was a very common name. The guy kept arguing with Hubby that it was the only tray they had and why don't he just take it because it had to be the right one. He was trying hard to force him to take it.

At this point another employee who was running a free sample stand a few feet away yells over that she remembered our name and that she saw Hubby's tray in the back....So the tray is found, Hubby takes it and goes to the bakery to pick up the dessert tray as I am still waiting on the deli to finish my request. Then I hear the guy say that he had throw Hubby's ticket away the night before. He starts to make fun of the fact that he couldn't find the tray and mimic Hubby being surprised when the tray could not be found. He just went on and on about how funny he thought it was. I could clearly hear every word and he had no idea that we were together.
I am sending an email to their corporate office today.

Lots of comments about going to the store manager first. I can do that. I was only going to corporate first because it was easier to send and email than call back and track down the manager. But you guys made a point :-)
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Sallie Mae and the six cent late fee

Oh, Sallie Mae... I just got off the phone dealing with them and I am just boggling over this...

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I'm worried that it will go on my credit report and that April's statement will also show another six cent late fee. It's ludicrous, I've never heard of a six cent fee. Each statement I get with this fee also tells me to pay a day before I usually have to. In short, I have no idea what is going on. It's just so freaking weird!