March 5th, 2010


"We do not", said the billing woman.

SO, I get my insurance through the state. For various reasons, I need to change my insurance. Because I like my doctor, I wanted to see if his practice took any of the plans offered.

Now, I forgot the word "accepted", which lead to Phone-Answer-Girl telling me they were not legally allowed to tell me which insurance to pick. That's fine, that's not what I wanted. I then clarified that I had to change my insurance and was wondering which plans they "took". She wasn't sure if they were allowed to tell me, so she sent me to billing (that's not a suck).

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(Also, I'm sure none of you care that this is my first actual post here...)

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This is the story of my very first (and, consequently, very last) experience with, the "world's leading domain registrar." I've pretty much given up at this point, but I would like to figure out what the heck I did that caused GoDaddy to do this to me.

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Edit: Re: the legality of recording the calls - a friend of mine said I live in a "one-party" consent state, and that only I have to consent for the calls to be legal, and beyond that, right before I was put into the queue and again right before I spoke to both reps, a recording played that said, "This call may be recorded for quality assurance." According to her, that counts as consent, because the reps are aware the calls will be recorded and conset to it everytime they take a call. I'm thinking that the consent only applies to GoDaddy recording the calls.. IDK. Thoughts?

Thank you for your comments so far, by the way!
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"delight" was not the first word that came to mind

This happened a few months ago, but I was just emailed a "How did we do?" survey and now I'm pissed off all over again.

Someone broke into my little car by smashing the front passenger window, and I called around for quotes to replace it. Safelite quoted a decent price, but I wanted to check a few other places first. The guy I was talking to understood and offered to save my quote under my name and phone number. Their $312 quote turned out to be the best offer, so I called back to make an appointment.

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Oh, local lingerie store.

You disappointed so hard. I had high hopes. Something high end and classy!

Unfortunately when I stepped inside my hopes were dashed. I was immediately greeted by a young woman with high heels way too old for her and eyelashes like angry caterpillars. The specifics are lost to me but our conversation went something like-

"Hi, I was looking for something particular, maybe you can help?"

Before I could give her any more specifics she cut me off saying  "We don't really have anything you'd be interested in."

"I'm actually looking for something blue, it's for my anniversary and-"

"We definitely don't have anything you would be interested in." 


I wasn't sure if they meant "huge titted like a dairy cow" or "wearing a rag on my head" but I soon figured it out, as the employees don't have inside voices. To answer the question they were asking each other as I left, what does a Muslim need with lingerie (and do I wear it under a burka)

it's part of my super secret Muslimah breeding program. And I wasn't even wearing a burka...I wasn't even wearing very modest pants. :\

If they were up on their stereotypes, they would know that (when we're allowed out of the house by our men and we're not being beaten or wrapped in bedsheets) Muslim girls can spend. We've got all that oil money, don't you know? Maybe because I don't have an accent. I sound like the nanny+ten years of Capri smoking. Sorry about that.

Whatever. I checked the website and the bras are ugly anyway.
As you wish.

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Service is more weird than bad, really, but I'm a bit bored.

I was at the cinema the other day, and as I was walking in (after I'd got my ticket - for Valentine's Day - and was on my way to the screen) I passed an employee in the lobby, who didn't seem too busy (she was pretty much just standing there).  On a whim, I turned to her and asked "Excuse me, but is Micmacs in English or French?"


"The film, Micmacs.  Do you know if it's in English or French?  I've never seen any indication that it's not in English, but none of that directors other films were, so-"

"What film?"


"Never heard of it."

Then she walked off.  The film's been out since the 26th.of February, and while it's not the latest hollywood blockbuster, it's not exactly an indie film with no advertising or exposure.  Since she works there, I don't think it was too unreasonable to expect her to have heard of it.

If anyone cares, I asked someone else upstairs, and Micmacs is in French, with English subs.