March 4th, 2010


Oh, McD's...

Hi There, McD's cashier! Oh, don't mind me- I'm just standing here holding my money in my hand for fun! You keep talking to your friend- make sure to 'hit her up' sometime. Don't worry about me! I've just had a really long day and am starving, no rush! Please, take 3 or 5 minutes and talk with your friend, who already has her order in front of her, and who's transaction is complete! You go on and check your text messages too while you're at it!
(I would try to do it all with sarcasm, but even I would get sick of it)

And after that- , I got to order- McFlurry, fries, nuggets, burger- ok, really? You make my McFlurry first, and put it on the back it can melt awhile. Because then you took a few minutes to get together a couple of DT orders- couldn't the 3 other people back there have done that? You are not the DT person, you're the counter person. Oh, and AFTER you've done DT a bit, you drop new fries, for my order...while my ice cream melts. And then, when fries are done, you put together fries for some more DT orders....while I stand here, hungry, and my ice cream melts- where I can't reach it. DT wasn't backed up- moving right along and everything. And here I am, your sole in-store customer...

I would have asked for you to remake my McFlurry, but you dropped my bag on the counter, and immediately turned and walked away...okay then. Email to corporate, here I come. Melted ice cream and french fries are not nearly as tasty as ICE cream (as in cold and still somewhat frozen) and fries.