March 3rd, 2010


Installed FREE... if you force us

This morning my husband's wiper blade disintegrated while on his way to work. So he stopped at the local Advance Auto Parts to buy a new pair because they install them for free. The only person working at the counter was a young woman. Hubby pays for the blades and asks her to install them.

Her response? "You're kidding, right?" When my husband explains that he's not kidding, that he really wants them installed, she told him it's easy, he could do it himself. Ummm... yeah.. no. He's dressed for work, the Jeep is filthy from the salt and the slush and it's HER JOB.

Then she says "You're just trying to prove a point, aren't you?" My husband said "Yes, if the point is that someone should do the job they advertise."

Her response this time? "I bet you wouldn't ask if I were a guy."

Sorry, chicky. Equal pay for equal work is something we've fought for for a very long time. And still fight for. Your ability to do a job has nothing to do with your gender. If you want to play the 'girls don't do manual labor' game, don't work in an auto parts store.