March 2nd, 2010

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Auction Site Insanity

Today, I finally met with a crazy auction seller. Seriously. I don’t know how more idiotic one could make themselves look.

A quick bit to explain about this auction site:
Every single thing that happens regarding an auction that you win is emailed to you. If there’s a change in the price or description, when your payment has been accepted, when they ship the item, etc etc.
Also, regardless of how you pay, the auction site holds the money paid until the item has been `Marked` on the website by the buyer as having arrived. There are certain conditions to try and smooth out fraud on both ends, but that’s the basics.

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tl;dr- Seller claims to have mailed my item to me over the weekend, then emails me 11 times in one day, with threats, claiming that I should somehow have the item (mailed regular post) the very next day (Monday). Also claims that, since I haven`t told the auction site that it has magically arrived, that it`s fraud and shes calling the police on me XP

I’ve never had to do this before, so I don’t know how long it will take for them to get things in motion (whatever motion they will take). I did however at least get a confirmation email saying they received my request and will look into my complaint (so at least I don’t have to worry about it not getting to them XD).
I just... idk what else to do or say really. Does any one else have any suggestions?

Also, please remember all communication between myself and the Seller occurred in a different language than what I`m now posting in (so if it sounds a little weird, I`m sorry). All punctuation I kept the same if possible.
Xavier - What The Fuck?

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So I just got home from the doctor and he's kind of an ass.

I go in with my mom since we have appointments at the same time and it's just easier for us to go in together. She has to get her test results (brain scan of some sort) and I want to know if my ear infection is gone.

When he finally comes in to see us he gives mom her results first: "They couldn't find your brain on the scan, woman's brains are too small so they didn't find anything!" Which apparently means that there was nothing wrong with her. But hey, when someone's finding out if they have a tumor or something that's totally the time to make shitty jokes!

Then he has to look in my ears: "Okay, close your other ear please. In women the light just shines straight through!" I'm all clear in my ears though so that's good I guess?

We didn't even say anything in there, we were kind of just sitting there going "did he really just say that?" and trying to figure out what the hell he was saying, he doesn't speak very clearly so it's hard to tell what he's trying to say. Really strong accent + really fast talking + mumbling + shitty jokes makes it really hard to sort out useful information from random shit.

The appointment went okay other than him making stupid jokes and us not being able to understand him but I refuse to see him again, he's a pretty terrible doctor. It wasn't just the two moments I wrote out here either, it was a bunch of little things in the whole appointment too.

Mom doesn't want to complain about him but I do, is it worth calling about do you think?