March 1st, 2010

Vizio Customer Service Follow Up

Follow up to this post: 

So, I got my "recertified" TV. Only, the side of the box had a big sticker that said "refurbished". Bunch of lying liars, Vizio.

Picture evidence:

At any rate, it's a working television. Is this how they operate? They beat you down with their stupidity until you just don't care anymore? It's working.

The return mailing label was supposed to be in the box, but it wasn't. So I called and they said they'd email me a new one. Later that day, I called again and they said that the warehouse hadn't gotten to it yet. They "rushed" it and I got an email that afternoon sometime after 5 o'clock. So, packing the old one up, I found the return label that they said would be in the box, but it was under the invoice on the outside. Sigh. So I used that label, since it was a sticker and just easier. Took the thing to UPS on Saturday and thought I was good. On Sunday, I got an email with yet another UPS label that also said to "be sure to write your RMA number on both sides of the box.". Little late for that, dips. Do these people even talk to each other?


Grawr to you Schnucks Pharmacy

This evening I went to the pharmacy inside of Schnucks grocery store to pick up a prescription. There were three people waiting at the pharmacy when I arrived, and one person came in right behind me making a line of five people total.

While the pharmacy technician pulled each prescription and checked each person out, the pharmacist sat in plain view doing NOTHING. Twenty minutes later it was my turn to get my prescription, and the pharmacist FINALLY decided to get off of her keister and help the woman behind me. It was so nice of her to wait until there was only one person in line to help out.

The technician fetched my prescription. This is my third refill of this particular prescription (prenatal vitamins) and they have always given me the generic in the past. Today, they switched me to the name brand which is $10 more expensive. I asked the technician about it, and she was apologetic, but she was also unable do anything until the pharmacist is finished helping the woman who was in line behind me. Unfortunately, the woman behind me had a problem that did not seem like it would be resolved anytime soon.

I decided that it wasn't worth the wait and told the technician to give me the name brand prescription. I also told her that I did not appreciate being switched to a more expensive prescription with no explanation, and that I would not be back. $10 may not seem like a big deal, but I have a lot of prenatal vitamin refills between now and the time I deliver. An extra $10 each time will definitely add up.

I transferred my prescription from Walgreens because I was dissatisfied with their service and I have always been happy with the service at Schnucks. However, the pharmacists are not employees of Schnucks and it shows.