February 24th, 2010

dr emo

Hospital suck?

Disclaimer: I realise this is in China and cultural and social differences from the Western world, and usually this is fine. I study in China, and I am fine with speaking the language and learning about their customs. In fact, I love it :) I get annoyed at the fact that stuff isn't amazingly organised like it is in my native country (Switzerland woowoo haha) but I also find it interesting to see how it is more relaxed and based on "playing it by ear" than the strict schedualing of the west.

Onto the suck:
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TL;DR Version: Nurse doesn't wear gloves for most patient, then yells at friend and refuses to change the gloves that she (angrily) puts on when I insist.

UPS Followup

I'm here with a follow-up to this post. Apparently, the UPS Store started to get more peeved on my behalf, and started pestering UPS itself, and FINALLY we have some kind of resolution. The insurance company that handles these claims has approved the claim, and I should have a check within ten business days. After that post, there were several more phone calls, taking proof of what we paid over there, and those kinds of things.  We just got the call this morning, so once the UPS Store gets the check, they will issue one to us.

I'm just so happy this is finally going to be resolved and over with!