February 23rd, 2010


Two Dunkin Donuts Mini Sucks

There's this one DD that I stop by after my classes on Monday and Wednesday. It's not the best location, there only ever seems to be one person manning the entire store and I'm always put on hold when I go to order but it's got a drivethrough and I usually only order one doughnut anyway.

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drea ♠ deuces wild

Nasty virus at TransUnion.com/AnnualCreditReport.com

This is incredibly long, and I'm sorry. I'm terrible at recalling events and cramming them into a nutshell. :(

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I feel like there's more I could've and should've done in this situation, but I just don't know what it is. I don't want anybody else to get this virus. Any advice?

TL;DR Version: My work computer is infected with a bad virus after I tried to submit an item dispute online with TransUnion. I try calling TransUnion to make them aware of the situation, but end up talking in circles with the customer assistance lady, who only wants to help me with the services she's offering. I also try contacting the website I was redirected to in order to submit my dispute (and where I ultimately was infected with the virus,) but can only find a mailing address and an online form in which to contact them by. I'm left with little confidence that my issue has been heard and that others won't be affected by the virus as well.


So for Christmas my boyfriend got a District 9 Blu-ray from my sister-in-law. We'd put off watching it until sometime in January when we decided to watch it, after several tries we realized that even though the box was "Blu-ray" inside it was a DVD. (DVD and not Blu-ray was on the disc itself so that's how we know) Now my beau has a PS3 which if I'm not mistaken can also play DVDs but it didn't want to play this one, otherwise we probably wouldn't have bothered returning it. We got in touch with my sister-in-law and she explained that she'd bought it at Costco and we should return it and get it switched out.

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