February 21st, 2010


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This was a conversation I overheard at Macy's in the Women's Department (sizes 16-24) in Houston today, between another customer and a lazy worker.  I was sitting in a chair that was located between the service counter and the dressing room.

Customer: "Can you please unlock one of the dressing rooms for me?"

Lazy worker: "Yeah sure give me a minute." (She stands around, finishing a conversation with a coworker about inventory)

Customer stands there and waits, seems like a polite lady and doesn't make a fuss.  Then she asks as they are walking to the dressing room only about 10 steps away, "The dressing rooms aren't usually locked.  Have y'all been having theft problems?"

Lazy worker: "No, it's close to closing time (it was maybe 7pm) and I'm NOT returning clothes to any other department.  Do you know how much this job makes me walk at the end of the night?  This way, I control who goes in and out and with what.  But you look like you belong here so here's your room!  Just holler if you need anything else, I'll be at the counter." 

The lady just thanked her for opening the room and went in.  I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed or if she even noticed.  I felt really bad for her and the worker just didn't seem to care or understand the implications of what she said at all.
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Wtf, Wingstop!?

This is a letter I just sent to Wingstop on their website:

"I work in the same strip center as this store, and I ordered food on 2/19 for lunch for myself and another coworker. I told the man I was ordering from that I was ordering for someone else also (but it was one order). I ordered a combo and then 10 piece wings. He said it would be 12 minutes and so I went back to my store for a bit and went on a delivery 10 minutes later.

While I was on my delivery the food was ready and my coworker went to go pick up the food. Your employee looked at his reciept, looked inside one of the bags and handed it to him. When he got back to the store and opened the bag, inside was just a combo. He went back and told them that the ten piece (his food) was missing from the bag and your employee looked at him suspiciously and rudely asked him why he didn't bring back the whole bag and reciept.

My coworker went back to our store and got both the bag and reciept and walked back to your store where he stood there for several minutes while your employees flat out ignored him. There were only 2 other customers in the store that had already been served and were eating, it was not busy by any meaning of the word.

When someone noticed he had been gone from our store a while they went over to your store and they asked what the problem was. Your employee began to argue about giving them the food. When our area manager who was visiting that day noticed both employees had been gone for a while he went over to your store where it was finally discovered that the original bag that my coworker had been given wasn't even my combo. It was someone elses entirely.

Your employee FINALLY gave him the right order and I pulled up from my delivery a minute later. I was on my delivery for 25 minutes. THAT is how long it took for all of this to get straightened out, and not once were any of your employees apologetic. They were nothing but rude and combative. I do not understand why and neither does anyone who was there.

Later as this story was being retold to our evening employees, it turns out that this is regular behavior from your staff, even the general manager*. I had never ordered there before, and I really wish I had known how they treated their customers before I did.

Your staff made alot of people very angry, even people who hadn't ordered food. That's olympic quality bad customer service."

What makes me sad is that their wings aren't even good. Ours are bigger and have more meat and I could have had them for free. But their fries and blue cheese dip was fucking awesome and the fact that I can't go over there and order them makes me want to cry.

*A little incident my GM/BFF told me: One day their GM ordered food from us and when she came to pick it up acted like was shocked she had to pay for it even though she had never given my GM free food in all the times she had ordered. She said she'd be right back with the money and then had SOMEONE ELSE call and "cancel" the order. THAT is wasting our time and food. She should know better.
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Tea snobs? Minor Teavana suckage.

Not sure how much of a suck this is but it really put me off this store for now.
I have a fiance who is a heavy tea drinker to a point where he will collect teas from places where we travel and enjoys preparing them different ways. Me; I'm happy putting the little bag in the mug.
Around valentine's day weekend we were doing some shopping at Providence Place mall in RI and we saw this store and decided to poke around: http://www.teavana.com/
The greeter (who was giving out samples) and the first young salesperson we interacted with were incredible and I was very pleased with their service.
The problem came when the good salesperson was showing us all their different kinds of teas. Ryan likes green but I don't really like it so she turned to me and asked what kind of teas I liked to drink. I told her that I really enjoyed drinking a prickly pear tea we had gotten in Arizona and asked if they had something like that.
The manager who had been standing by the cash register suddenly cuts in with a lengthy speech in a bored tone that boiled down to "they don't carry teas like that because they have higher standards".
Well ok then Miss Manager, though this has been very informative I'm pretty sure your associate was trying to find out what kind of teas I liked drinking so she could try and sell me something similar rather than making me feel like an idiot for answering a question. I'd complain to the manager but, um yeah...

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Dear Best Buy,

Yes.  I am a female looking for a laptop...the laptop that I've researched and decided on.  I actually know exactly what I want and see it on the shelf.  No, I don't want to 'upgrade' to that more expensive laptop.  Yes, I actually have a clue.  Too bad for you that the wonderful folks right next door at Staples had the model I wanted as well and a couple of bucks less expensive.  Too bad that the salesman at Staples was really cool, showed me one other laptop to compare, explained the differences and let me mess with both of them on my own.  Too bad for you, Best Buy, that you lost the sale.  Next time, don't think I'm dumb and don't know what I'm talking about.  Actually - there won't be a next time.  I'm done with you as a customer.