February 18th, 2010

WTF? Victim of a suck.

In short... Mom and I went to a fast food chicken restaurant. I had a coupon, she did not. Coupon says to inform the cashier of the coupon before ordering. I never had anything from there before so I didn't know what was on their menu.

Mom: The driver
Me: Pissed off customer/passenger seat bitcher
CLC: Clueless Cashier

Mom: Hi, I have a coupon for "blahblah."
CLC: Please drive around to the window.
Mom: That's not all I want.
CLC: I have to see the coupon.
Mom: But I want to order something else, too.
CLC: Drive around to the window.

:Drives around & waits on vehicle in front of us to move while more people pull in behind us:

Mom: :gives coupon to cashier:
CLC: That'll be $x.xx.
Mom: I wanted to order something else with that.
CLC: Ok, what do you want?
Mom: I don't know what you have. Do you have a me--?
CLC: I can help you with that. We have :starts naming off chicken and other stuff:
Mom: But I don't know what the prices are. Do you have a menu?
CLC: I can help you with that. :starts naming off food again:
Mom: I wanted to look at the different combos.
CLC: You can drive back around to the menu.
Mom: And i'll have to wait in line behind everyone else. This is why I told you back there at the box I wanted to order something else.
CLC: But I had to see the coupon.
Mom: That's fine but I need(ed) to look at the menu to see what else I wanted. I could have ordered the other then brought the coupon around for you to look at.
CLC: But I have to look at the coupon.
Me: : getting madder than the dickens: She could have ordered the other stuff first. THEN we could have drove around and brought the coupon for you to look at. THEN you could have added that to the order.
CLC: :gets an oops/duh look on her face:
Me: Give her back the damn coupon. We'll go somewhere else.

We drive 10 miles to a different Bojangles and tell them AT THE BOX exactly what is on the coupon. Then Mom gets to look at the menu to decide what she wants. We drive around, give them the coupon. We get our order and leave happy.

WHY could this other clueless girl not do that?! WTF!

catherine tate house

embarrassing service at the Air & Space Museum

I went to the Air & Space Museum in DC today. Most of the Smithsonian museums do bag checks where they poke in your bag a bit and then give it back, but Air & Space has an x-ray for bags. I worked in a restaurant until last week and was in the habit of carrying a corkscrew to work with me, and forgot that it was in my bag until the girl on the x-ray machine started yelling "There's a corkscrew in that bag!" and the guy giving people back their bags snapped that he needed me to get it out. I had some trouble finding it (there's a lot of stuff in my bag), and he said I was taking too long and said "You need to take this back to your car right now". I said I didn't have a car, and before I could finish the sentence, he said "take it back to your hotel, then! Or you can leave it in a box here!" I told him that was fine and tried to hand it to him. He started yelling at me and after a minute I figured out that he wanted me to put it in the box myself. Then after I put it in there, he said "If you put it in there, you won't get it back!!!" Thanks, dude. I'd already put it in the box. Now, that was my old one that didn't work so well, and I really don't care much that I don't get it back, but way to tell me beforehand. Their whole attitude was horrible. They were treating me like I was trying to kill someone. It's a corkscrew. I'm a bartender! I forgot it was there and it totally wouldn't have been a big deal except that they were yelling and creating a huge scene and all these people were staring at me like I was trying to hurt somebody. I was pretty uncomfortable.

Rude and uncalled for.

So I am 8 months pregnant with a boy, and it has recenty hit me that I don't really have many clothing items for him that are 0-3. There is a woman who runs a website (www.oliviascloset.com) that I found off craigslist. She sells used clothes at a discounted price, so I figured I would check it out. Off to the rudeness...
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minor suck that just made me sad. :(

Dear Popular Coffee Chain Employees,

I like your hot chocolate. A lot. I was having a bad day, and I figured that a hot chocolate would perk me up. You weren't busy. There was one car ahead of mine in the drive thru. Why was my hot chocolate simply water and brown? :(

I realise that your mix hopper was empty. That's fine. But it's not like you were running around, trying to serve ten thousand people. It was just me. Why couldn't you check the hopper before pouring up my drink? It was 9:30pm -- it's likely to be low after a long day of serving people. Or, y'know, look at my beverage before putting the lid on. Anyone who has made your hot chocolate before would realise that the colour was extremely light.

It's minor, and perhaps my fault for not double-checking at the window. It just made me really sad. I don't like being let down because I didn't receive what was promised to me -- especially when I paid for it. :(

Sad Hot Chocolate Consumer

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