February 11th, 2010

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Minor suck here but still a little weird...

I never really eat fast food since the quality tends to makes me sick, but I was running late to an appointment and hadn't eaten all day so I decided to stop by Wendy's and get something small to hold me over til I could get real food. The drive thru conversation went as such:

Drive Thru Person: Welcome to Wendy's blah blah
Me: Hey, can I get a jr. cheeseburger with no pickles or onions, medium fries and a medium diet coke
DTP: Do you want to get the jr. deluxe cheeseburger meal instead? you get more food!
Me: No that's okay, thanks
DTP: Are you sure? It's less expensive and you get a large fries and large soda
Me: No I'm okay, just what I ordered
DTP: So... you don't want the deluxe meal?
Me: No.
DTP: Okay, but it'd be a better deal...
Me: ....
DTP: .... it'll be $$ at the window

I looked at the little screen and it seemed to be my order so that was fine...

I pulled up to the window and gave her money... I wasn't really paying attention to the price... and after I drive away I realize she gave me the deluxe meal anyway!! (which included pickles and onions on it, boo). She changed my order while I was driving up to the window, wtf? C'mon lady... I said no THREE times, I don't really care if it saves me a dollar or so, I just don't want more fries and an extra beef patty. I understand the initial up-sell but I don't get why she was so insistent on me getting "more food for less" to the point of deciding it FOR ME. Maybe the employees are supposed to make meals happen more? Some people don't want that extra food, and I'm pretty strict about my calorie intake so that was annoying to me.

Anyway, just another reason to avoid fast food in the future. I'll admit I ate the stupid deluxe cheeseburger and all the fries and it was very satisfying at the time, but I felt guilty later. Damn you Wendy's!
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So I'm stuck with a bit of minor bad service at the moment.

I bought a new car back on Dec 29th or 30th. Everything went well, paid for it all at once, no problems with that. I had to have them replace a couple parts due to the engine light coming on, but even then they did that immediately and without argument.

However I was also supposed to get my license plates about two weeks into January and it was only after I ordered two nice plate covers that it dawned on me I hadn't heard back from them about my plates. So I started calling.

Last Wednesday - No answer, called 10+ times all day and I know they weren't closed.
Last Thursday - "Oh they should have been in by now...we'll see what's going on and give you a call." No call all day.
Last Friday - Same story, they should have been in but aren't. Got told that dude is picking things up on Tuesday, to call back Wednesday.

So I called back yesterday morning. Again with the "OH I remember you, yeah they should have been here by now. I posted a note on my desk to go get that stuff today for you. What's your number, we'll call back this afternoon." Gave my number, no call back.

Problem is, I need to double check my temp this morning in my window and make sure it hasn't expired. If it has, I'm personally driving down there this morning when they open and raising hell. I'm tired of getting jerked around with no call backs after I was supposed to have them back in January.
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I went to costco about a week ago - for those not familiar... it's basically a warehouse type place where you buy larger quantities (and cheaper) of name brand and their brand items. I love that store..... well I *loved* it until this happened.

I'm a tiny bit of a germaphobe, it sort of snowballed when I started working in a doctors office. Germs and yuckies squick me out pretty bad.

At Costco, I was strolling around the meat section at about 1pm looking for some ground turkey, there were numerous sample ladies around giving out samples of hummus and other dips. While looking at the hummus that was in the cooler I look to my left and see one of the sample ladies stick TWO of her fingers into her mouth, nearly up to her knuckles - while wear gloves! - to lick off some of the dip on them.

I seriously went D: in her direction and gave her a look of utmost disgust and shock, she looked a little stunned someone had seen her and peeled off ONE glove (yes... ONE of them) and went digging for another. This alone led me to believe she had no intention of changing her gloves since she couldn't seem to find a NEW pair.

I brought it to the attention of one of the other sample ladies, expressing my concern that god knows how many times she's done that and NOT changed them, she's spreading spit all over the crackers and everything she is touching!


From a While Back

Another post in another community reminded me of this instance that happened a few years ago.
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The worst part? After two weeks of arguing with the business about the bad service and refusing to pay any of the bill until some charges were removed, my friend's wife accidentally (or, so she says) paid them. They still paid full price for everything they had asked for, even though they had received so little.

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Question of "bad service"

I was curious on everyones opinion on something.

Is it concidered bad service, or just rude, to ask "Can you hold?" and not even wait for a response, or even pause after you ask, but just put them straight on hold?

Also, Is it bad service to hollar to ask someone else in the store a question while your on the phone with a guest, not even saying "Let me ask"?

I can't decide if I'm being picky or not, but I work the phones at a department store and would NEVER do either of these.

I was ordering pizza for my husband and I and this is twice now that this Pizza hut lady has done this two us (The hold bit, and the hollaring). It does bother me, but there are no other Pizza huts who will deliver to us :(

Am I being being nit-picky, or should I call back and let a manger know how rude I find this person? She does it everytime we order and she makes me feel like I'm ruining her night by simply ordering a pizza (Its the way she talks. Very snippy, rude. "Uh, I need your phone number if you want the pizza" Kinda comments.)

If this isn't something we're allowed to post, feel free to delete. :D

***Edit*** After reading everyones comments (Thank you!) I think I was being too harsh and just getting extra annoyed extra quick with her. Thank you all for your comments, I really do apprechaite them!