February 8th, 2010

Overwelcoming oneself and a humorous oddity

Backstory: live in an apartment, been having trouble with the refrigerator making a godawful sound. Maintenance HAD been cool about it and the same guy has been back twice, and last Friday made #3.

So no one was going to be home friday morning when he said he would show up (between 8 and 8:30 am), but he's been regularly on time and friendly, so I decided to leave him some coffee in the pot with a big note that said "thanks for coming by again, here's some coffee, please turn the machine off before you leave :)" I left a glass jar of Splenda and some creamer in a little servy thing next to the mug I left out. I come home to find:
Splenda jar empty (had been about half full, maybe 35-40 packets?)
Coffe mug with a ring around the bottom sitting on the counter (sloppy pourers irk me, moreso when they don't fix the mess)
Whole fucking BRANCHES taken off my basil plant on our lanai (it's been flourishing, and if he had askes I would have picked it off for him to ensure he got the nicest leaves, and why did he have to go out there anyways?? P.S. We call it a lanai b/c we're GG fans)
So I called and left a complaint at the front office, we'll see what happens.

Went to the nearby gas station this morning and bought a Sunday paper, Bottle of Pepsi, and a breakfast sandwich. At the checkout the cashier asked for ID. I was so stunned I just showed it and didn't even think to ask what for. (My guess: superbowl sunday = more beer sales = cashier gets in a routine and spaces a bit, but it was still funny). And she actually typed my birthdate into the computer (watched her type in mddyyyy). I found it more amusing than anything.

EDIT: heard back from the business office, apparently this isn't the first complaint they've had about this maintenance guy so...long story short, if anyone is looking for a maintenance position in the Fort Lauderdale-ish area, keep an eye out for a want ad for somewhere on Broward Blvd :) Plus they said next month's water/sewer will be covered for our inconvenience so YAY 30-minute showers for the next couple weeks lol

The second girl...I didn't complain b/c it was just amusing, today she was working when I ran in for cigs and we chatted for a minute or 2, she said it was crazy yesterday with last minute Superbowl Booze shoppers, and was embarassed, but amused, when I mentioned her carding me for soda, sandwich, and a paper. We had a good laugh and all is well.

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Here's the back story: A few weeks ago, my car broke down, and we had it towed to the shop that my boyfriend's dad's friend owns. After waiting a week, the owner, Scott, called us back and told us that he'd fixed a part on the engine, but he also needed to fix the blown head gasket to make the car run again. In short, it would cost more to fix the car then it is worth.

I called him back to tell him that we weren't able to pay the money for it, so he could move it out of the shop into his extensive back lot to keep it out of the way while we found out who we could sell it to in order to get the most amount of money back from it. He seemed fine with that. When he started calling repeatedly the next week, we knew he wasn't.

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TL;DR: Repair shop fixes a piece on my car without approval, when the car won't run anyway, then comes close to harrassing us until we come to pay the bill that is too high, with an added charge from his tow company that we didn't get a tow from.

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This is an update to this post.

On 5/2 TNT never showed up, I called them to find out that Belinda from DD had canceled the pick up. TNT provided me with her phone number but by then she had gone home for the weekend.

Now that it's Monday I left another message on her voice mail with no response, so back to the live chat thing i went.

I got onto Sandy, the customer service manager, who finally agreed to give me my refund and arrange one last pick up this Thursday (11/2).
If she follows through and I get my refund but they don't show up on Thursday, then i will just put the desk in the bin.

*sigh of relief*

Edit: TNT showed up half an hour after DD booked new pick up date. DESK IS GONE! I HAVE MY MONEY! YAY!