February 4th, 2010

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I need your help, bad_service.
I bought a desk from Dealsdirect.com.au on 18/1/2010.
It was delivered on 27/1/2010 and the packing strips were broken, the box torn and the pieces broken in half. TNT admit that they had to "repack the item before delivery".
I arranged the return and TNT was scheduled to pick it up on 2/2/2010.
I had to take the day off work, the courier arrived at 9am and told me he had to go back to the depo to get a truck for it instead of his van. He never came back.
I called TNT on 3/2/2010 asking why it wasn't picked up and they told me, that because i didn't have the account no. they couldn't do anything for me, I'd have to get DD to re-schedule the pick up.
DD arrange it for 5/2/2010 but on 4/2/2010 i get a note on my door saying they won't pick it up in the "condition" the packaging is in. I don't understand, Apparently it's okay to deliver it that way but not pick it up that way? WTF?
During this whole kerfuffle I've dealt with DD not having any phone support, just online "live support" and their operators not actually reading what i tell them, just giving me standard form responses. While TNT keep telling me they can't help me without a booking no. or account no. even though DD won't provide those to me.

And finally, this box is massively heavy, there is no way i can repack it myself.

Suggestions, anyone?

EDIT: After alerting the bank, filing a dispute with paypal and contacting consumer affairs, DD has offered me a $10 site credit and a $15 "rebate" to repackage the desk for pick up tomorrow.

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To make a long story short, last July I became the proud owner of a new car. It came with Sirius sattelite radio, which made me a very happy camper- the downside to that was that I already had XM set up in the house. I called XM to ask them if it was possible to bundle the packages together, but they said no, because even though they're owned by the same group they operate on different systems. I totally understand that, and in November I politely request that my XM service be canceled due to the fact that I listen to it way more in the car than in the house. That went through with no problem, and I went on my merry way.

About a month later, toward the end of December, I got a phone call from XM customer service asking me why I'd canceled my subscription. I told them again that I have Sirius in the car, and I didn't really want to have two separate accounts. They said okay, hung up, life was good.

... then they called back about two weeks ago to ask me again why I'd canceled my service. Thinking this a bit odd, I once again told them why, and they offered me a discounted price for the XM radio. I politely refused and that was that.

Four days ago they called me again. I once again told them I wasn't interested (maybe not as politely as I should have ._.) and asked them to stop calling, and hung up... and they've been calling me at least twice per day ever since then. I've quit answering. I'm not sure what to do! Has anyone else had this particular problem? I've already done some research and there's no way to block numbers on my phone (iPhone), nor will AT&T block the number unless it's proven to be harassment or stalking.

Any ideas? ._.

eta: They called back today at 11:30AM with once again the SAME questions, and I told them to please remove me from their company's calling list and put me on the do-not call list instead. We shall see if that works! Thanks so much for the helpful tips!!
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My boyfriend just got another email from the fraternity. I cannot make the following bullshit up.
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I... I don't even know what to say. This is flat-out extortion, isn't it? I mean, they're threatening these students into giving them the money. We're going to report them to the board, because this is ridiculous.
EDIT: Also, does it seem sketchy that they're emailing each person individually? Because it feels like they're trying to make sure that they can't get in contact with each other and get help as a group. I don't know... It seems weird...
EDIT 2 (Electric Bugaloo): OH DEAR LORD! BWAHAHAHA! I'm going to die from laughing so hard.
Okay. Me and my BF run a student club on our campus, so we know what forms you have to fill out. When you fill these out, you have to put officers. These names go on the RSO website.
This shit just got epic. Now, we're going to email the frat directly and let them know what's going on. While we do that, we're going to continue trying to get the guy to give proof of the debt. The real kicker? The moron is emailing from his student email. The frat has an email for business. His ass is going down if this is as fake as we think it is.
Dear LORD, I wish I could make this shit up. XD

Another story of poor service at Pizza Hut

I know there has been multiple posts about how Pizza Hut has bad service; my experience is no exception.

Just today my boyfriend decided he wanted to go to Pizza Hut, that's cool so off we go. At first step into the restaurant, we were seated by "J". As we sit down we are only given our menus and he walks off without even asking us what we want to drink, um, ok, not the worst thing ever, but not a good start. So wait for him to come back, and wait, and wait, and after 10 minutes he comes back and we just order everything, a pizza and some cheesy bread sticks and our drinks. Even after that he took about 15 minutes just to give us our drinks. My boyfriend and I kept whispering how he just noticed him standing behind the counter doing nothing and hardly attending the other customers (just 4 other small tables).

20 minutes later we get our food (by food, I mean both our appetizer bread sticks and the actual pizza). Luckily everything was hot and fresh and tasted fine so no complaints there. The thing that really got me annoyed and confused is as we begin to eat our food another customer sits down and J our server almost immediately serves her and gets her drink promptly, wtf? It seems J ignores us and the rest of the customers but only focuses on this new one. Not too long after J gave us our bill but never came back to take it so we could pay so instead my boyfriend went up to pay and complain himself about the slow service. The woman at the front desk didn't offer anything for the service except an apology but we definitely didn't leave a tip and won't be coming back anytime soon.

Edit: Added in another important factor to our poor service that I forgot the first time.