February 3rd, 2010

Car dealers!!! UGH!!!

Recently as I've posted here, I had a rear end accident. The lady admitted fault and her insurance paid quite promptly. We received about $2000. and were sent another $2000. by a relative. Now as much as some would believe that would up our chances for a better car, it
didn't. It still would only afford us a car for $2-3 thousand dollars after fees and such.
So, off we went to peruse the local hole in the wall car lots. We went to a local lot I had
seen advertised online. Their website came up a search engine which, should have been an omen.
We saw a 97 Pontiac Bonneville which was in remarkably nice condition and had decent mileage for these parts. We paid for the car (mostly) on that Sunday, and paid the rest on Wednesday that followed. On Monday we were informed that the car needed an inspection and a gasline was
accidentally broken while doing so and that the car would be ready by Wed. No such luck! We
had a rental which we had to return and it was getting costly. They promised that the car would be ready by Wed. and, it wasn't. Okay, when? I said. Friday the latest they promised.
Okay. We came back on Friday after waiting 2 days for a phone call that never came. So, we
went back on Friday and... YOU GUESSED IT!! No car!! Then, to appease us further, gave us
another car with a dealer plate to use over the weekend, promising the car would be ready by Monday. No such luck!! I was now convinced that the car had either been sold out from under
us or, had a major issue that was taking too long to fix. And that we couldn't find out either
because the sales manager kept saying the mechanic wouldn't tell her! I would think that if
you paid for a car with cash, they'd wanna please you. I was totally disgusted by this point and asked for my money back. I got it and went else where. This dealer was someone I'd purchased from before. I gave him the cash on Mon. and the car was in my driveway,Tues.
Lesson learned!!


Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what route I should take here with my bad service. I've ordered from Archetype Cosmetics twice now. I did read all reviews so I knew going in that she took a while filling orders and wasn't very good responding to comments. However, my first order she was helpful with my order status when I went and e-mailed her and took about two months to ship (what I expected from the reviews.) A few months later in the first half of September I placed my second order. I said nothing when November came and went because I figured her first job was taking most of her time or something. At the begin of December though I decided to ask about the status of my order. When I got no reply, I sent another e-mail a few weeks later. And again in the begin of January, and one last at the end of the month. The site hasn't been updated since October so I was getting pissed. I'm getting her phone number from another girl who had problems but she said she never answered her phone either. I assume that I'm far beyond any reasonable time limit to do a chargeback, but if I'm not how can I do that? Do I need to contact some sort of authority if that doesn't work? I have her first and last name, the city/mall she works (worked?) in, and hopefully her number fairly soon. Thanks for any help you can give me!

EDIT: Called my bank today, explained what happened and they won't do shit because it's past the 60 day period. Now what do? :(

Just looked them up on BBB...she doesn't even freaking respond to inquiries from them or complaints filed through BBB!
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