February 1st, 2010

Country girl

Here we go again with the "great" doctors!

I've complained here before about my now former doctor's office. To refresh your memory, these are the people who who refused to give me a prescription for a needed medication, telling me basically get over it and deal.

I also have just about the WORST insurance in the world. My husband's employer doesn't offer group insurance, but does pay for the plan that we have personally, which is fun to explain to the doctors' offices, since we don't have a "group number" on our cards. That's another story for another day, and I've just accepted that the insurance industry stinks.

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Bad service or not?

Ok, this is short.

I am just curious if other people think this is unreasonable.

I went to go pay my State Farm agent their yearly money for my motorcycle. They're not the closest agent to me and it takes me a little time to get my motorcycle gear on as well. So, I get all geared up to go there and when I get there I see a note saying "Sorry we've missed you, we went to lunch. Be back at 12:30. Ok... a little odd cause I thought they have more than one person manning the shop (they always do when I go there) and you'd think that one perosn would cover while the other one went out. But even so, maybe there was one person. I check my watch to see what time it is thinking that I can probably wait there. It's 11:45... which means they expected to be gone at least 45 minutes (I'm thinking hour since they were already gone by the time I got there).

Which means there is no way I'm sitting out here for 45 minutes which means going back home and having to head back again. Wasted 45 minutes of my own time. Couple that with the fact that every year they bug me to have some sort of meeting which I suspect more is let's see if we can sell her more insurance, I at this point am strongly thinking of changing agents (I liked my old agent but he retired and all his clients got sent to random other agents).

What's even better is when I mentioned it to her that I tried to come when they were out when I came back she gave me the blow off, "Oh no!! *smile*" in a really fake voice. Didn't even apologize.

So, am I unreasonable to think that if you must leave a business closed up cause you all left (and it's not in your posted hours that you have a lunch hour) that it should be something short enough you can reasonably expect the customer to wait at hte door for you to come back (I'd never think of leaving my vet job for more than 15 minutes if I had to leave it unmanned)?