January 28th, 2010

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 I've asked to speak with a manager twice in my entire life. THIS was the second time ever, after a lame experience at a restaraunt last night. This is a letter I am considering sending.


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The gist: Went to see a show, were told the wrong thing by hostess to did not get to see show, awful/no service and management basically blames us for their staff errors. Is this letter even worth sending?

Bad council workers.

Dear workers from our local council,

We love that you're putting up the scaffolding ready for us to get a new roof, it really is about time.

What we don't love, however, is you shouting constantly so that you woke up my Mum who works nights, which you knew about.

But hey, noise is difficult to avoid, right? It's scaffolding, noisy business.

But then when my Mum goes outside to see how you are doing (constantly calling her 'babe,' which she does not appreciate - just as I don't appreciate being addressed as 'girl' by you), we don't appreciate you looking at her passion flower, grabbing ahold of a newly growing part of it and going, "You don't want this, do ya?" and immediately ripping it off right in front of her before she could protest.

Yes, she DOES want it, she LOVES her passion flower and you pulled it so hard that you almost damaged the ENTIRE plant, aside from the fact that you needlessly damaged part of it already.

No love,