January 27th, 2010

Starbucks bad service?

Certainly not earth shattering, but...

On our way home from the airport, my husband and I went through a Starbucks drive through. My husband, as the driver, placed my order: Venti iced black tea, unsweetened. (I don't like the syrup they typically use, and prefer to add Sweet N Low to it myself.)

At the window, after hand off, my husband asked the Starbucks guy for two packets of Sweet N Low. They guy said, "Oh sure" and wandered off. He reappeared a bit later with two packets of Splenda. I hate Splenda. It doesn't dissolve in iced tea and has a funky aftertaste.

Husband: No, sorry, man, she wanted Sweet N Low.
Starbucks guy: Oh, I thought you said Splenda.
H: No.
Starbucks guy stands there for a moment.
SG: Are you sure? Splenda is better.
H: It doesn't dissolve in the tea.
SG: I can add it and shake it up. That dissolves it. It tastes better.
H: No, thanks. She wants the Sweet N Low.
SG: All right, but Splenda is better.

So... I finally got my Sweet N Low, but I was more than a little annoyed with the employee. My husband thinks I totally overreacted and that the guy was just trying to offer good customer service, but isn't good customer service giving the customer what they ask for and not challenging their personal tastes?

My experience reminded me of a scene in Swimming With Sharks, where Kevin Spacey shares my pain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2SLAgrouiw
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Sports Store Suck

I had to get a new pair of sneakers today so I popped into town. The store I wanted to go to was meant to open at 9 but by 9.30 it still hadn't opened. So I went to the alternative store.

I've not been to this store before, as a matter of fact I avoid sports stores altogether because I feel uncomfortable in them. You see I'm fat. A fatty Mcfatterson. But this fatty needed new sneakers so I entered the 'suck' store & looked around at their shoes.

They had the ones I wanted so that was fantastic so I waited ......there was a girl on the phone who I (stupidly) assumed would help me when she finished up her call. Nope! She all but ran to the other side of the (empty) store.

Said store had exactly 4 customers. A lady with her two kids & me. There was a guy helping out the family.

I wandered around for about 15 minutes noticing that along with the phone girl there were 3 other staff members on the floor holding up various structures, like the counter for example! This excludes the guy helping the family.

It slowly began to dawn on me (& my worst fear was coming true).....I was being ignored deliberately.

When I realised what was happening I just wanted to crawl into a corner & die of shame. I headed towards the exit past one of the girls. As I approached her she turned her back on me! Physically went from facing my direction to turning her whole body around........

I wasn't aware that your store had a 'fat = no fat' policy! So sorry, won't be jiggling in here again any time soon!

I staggered off & dropped past the first store I visited first to find they had finally opened. The whole experience left me feeling like shit. I spent far too much on shoes but at this point I don't care.
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That post below reminded my of a bad service experience when I was in a Lane Bryant once with a friend...I'm clearly smaller than what they offer - in the 2-4 size range - but was just wandering as she tried on stuff. I was looking at their jewelry when a saleswoman sidled up to me and said, "You know, I'd offer you help but I can't help you as CLEARLY nothing in here would fit you." and then slithered off.

I went and sat outside the store. I would've found a manager but my eyes were too red at that point that heads might've rolled at that point. Thankfully, that's never happened to me in any store again.
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WTF - Size Related Service Suck

This happened a few years ago.  I used to work in an office in a chi-chi little street of one off designer shops - mostly stuff I knew I would never be able to fit into, even if I could afford it.

One lunch time, with nothing better to do, I wandered into the specialist clothes next door shop.  They had some smart ankle
length coats in the window that I really thought might suit me.

The shop was empty - except for two rather twitchy saleswomen, both much older than me.

They both hovered around me, asked me what I was looking for - then said, quite clearly, that they didn't have anything in the shop that was my size and that I might want to leave.

So I did.

The kicker?

It was a plus-size boutique, specialising in size 16-24 - and clearly chubby little size 16 me wasn't quite chubby enough for them.

Seriously - this is the only time any sales person has ever given me grief for my size or appearance.