January 26th, 2010

AVPM: It's on Mars

Sushi restaurant bad service

This was told to me by a friend.
She and her boyfriend went out for dinner in a sushi restaurant. They oder their food and a bottle of wine. Wine arrives, then the waiter comes by to tell them they are out of a couple of things they ordered. Not a problem, right? They'll just order something else.
A little later he comes out and says they're out of rice. In a sushi place. They can't make any sushi. In a sushi restaurant.
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Dear bagger,

The comment of "You too lazy to put your groceries in your car?" was not needed. It's not funny, so I don't care if you were joking.

My mother is disabled. You see her on the electric cart.

Perhaps it takes 10 minutes because SHE CANT WALK WELL to get her in the car, and it's helpful for me to have the option of help to the car.

Maybe I'm physically in pain and it hurts for me to lift things. In fact, I have to suck it up and help my mother before I can scream about my shoulder.

Perhaps, I don't have to explain a damn thing to you.

You get paid to work, smile, and help. You complain about your day after you get off of work. You can tell whoever about the girl who was 'lazy' to put her own groceries up. I do that 9 times out of 10, but when I have my mother with me. I use your store's option of a carryout.

I did complain to the manager.
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