January 25th, 2010

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Ok, this is relatively minor, but it irked me.

My husband and I had a friend over for a couple days, and the friend decided to treat us to some lunch. We hit up Zaxby's, because we were all kinda craving some chicken fingers.

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Tl;dr Zaxby's employee glares at us for wanting a couple more sauces, but doesn't mention if it's normally extra cost.

Nosy waitress.

I was out with a friend the other day for lunch. When it came time to settle the bill I made change for a $50 for my friend. I then went to pay my part of the bill. At this point a waitress was walking behind us (not our waitress). She stopped and stated very loudly "Wow, I wish I had that much cash in my wallet! Look at you two!" This is a relatively quiet place and at least a dozen people other than us heard it. My lunch companion didn't miss a beat and loudly stated "He's in the porn business, it pays quite well."
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Follow-up to sprint / asurion phone fraud issue

A follow up to this: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/2479997.html

I re-called the woman who never called me back at Asurion and managed to get hold of her.  She of course had not worked in any fraud capacity at Asurion for a long time, Sprint's fraud department had no updated info on Asurion's fruad department, but she still had access to work on my account and managed to take care of everything.

Short of it - reporting things to the Asurion fraud department got me a low-level person who would take notes, say they would pas them on and never get anything done.  Talking to someone who used to be, but no longer was in that department, resulted in my account getting fixed.

Little over 4 months now, 24 phone calls, 4 hours 22 minutes of calling/holding/retelling the same story to get my bill right.

"We'll leave your meal inside the LOCKED building for you!"

Well, first time poster. Figured I would share this story from a few months ago that happened to my boyfriend since I truthfully still can't get over how terrible this McDonald's experience was for us, even though it ended well. We've had bad experiences wth this particular McDonald's(involving them putting a food I am allergic to on my sandwiches, forgetting large portions of our meals, and sometimes simply being rude), but it was late and he needed some warm food.

At around 10:30 he pulled into the drive-thru and placed an order for some sandwiches and fries. He pulled up, paid and they didn't give him a receipt(which is a huge no-no, though he is also bad for not asking for one when they didn't offer it), then they asked him to pull to the side since his chicken would take a few minutes and there was someone behind him. Not a huge deal, we've done it before, so he pulled into a spot in sight of the window. Ten minutes go by and he's beginning to wonder what is taking so long(I was on the phone with him discussing some stupid thing) and noticed the drive thru folks are now standing at the window pointing at him. He doesn't really know what is going on and continues to wait another 10 minutes, complaining about his food taking so long and generally being dense about the fact that it should've been done already. Finally, I push him to go find out what was the matter.

He calls me back 5 minutes later with the news that not only did our delightful McDonald's staff leave well before the shift changes behind his back, but never brought his food out(which is typically what they do since, well, the building gets locked up late at night). I thought it was a mistake and asked him to knock on the locked doors to see if someone was in the back and to check for cars there. No one comes, but he does notice the pleasant fact that his meal was left on the counter in the bag becoming cold and that they left a note about one of the machines being broken.

Well, we went in to complain the next morning knowing it would look strange since we had no proof of purchase. I felt so bad for the manager as we tried to explain the awkward situation. He was shocked when we explained that everyone left at 11 and that there was a note since apparently, here is the kicker, no one reported any issues or having to close. I'm guessing the fact that we mentioned the bag took the cake since he immediately filled the order from last night without his receipt, which was pretty lucky. Still, who leaves to just party knowing there is a customer waiting outside? Did they really think he wasn't going to complain about being ripped off?