January 23rd, 2010



Dunno if this actually counts as Bad_service since this happened after we finished our meal and as we were leaving the restaurant. Watev.


There's this Japanese restaurant my brother and I like to go to every once in a while. So, we decided to have dinner there yesterday.

We have our meal, have a good time laughing and chatting it up, it was pretty alright. When we're done we go to pay for our food and we leave.

Here's where it starts. We get in my car, I start it up and just as I was about to drive away, I see our waiter running towards us.

I thought maybe my brother or I forgot something like our cellphone and he was returning it to us. We roll down the window to find out what's going on and then he starts YELLING THAT WE SCREWED HIM OVER BECAUSE WE DIDN'T TIP HIM.

Then I realized, "Shiiit, we forgot leave a tip..."

We were like, "Shit, dude, sorry-"

"YOU GUYS SCREWED ME OVER!! You know, the girl in there warned me about you guys! She said, 'Watch out for those two, they're stingy!' Don't come here anymore! PEOPLE LIKE YOU SHOULD GO ELSEWHERE!"

aaaaand he marched off cursing.

For the record, we're NOT stingy. We normally leave tips, you know, like everyone else D: We've been to this restaurant a total of 4 times before and have always left tips EXCEPT ONCE and that was when our waitress was the girl he was talking about and that was because she was rude and had a terrible attitude. OF COURSE we didn't tip HER. Not sure what happened this time, I guess we really just forgot :/

I mean, I understand why he was upset and I'd hate for something like that to happen to me BUT DUDE THAT WAS REALLY UNNECESSARY.

Never going back there, even if the food was delicious ;___;
Bad Ass Bitch

"I'm not serving them!"

Hi, new poster, but something happened tonight that I really wanted to share...

Tonight I was in Ybor City (Tampa, Fl) with a friend of mine, catching a CD release party. The music was pretty drab, so we decided to hightail it over to a little Creperie to have a bit to nosh on before everyone got drunk and the streets got too crowded.

Inside, we took a table and my friend ordered us 2 vanilla lattes. She, having been the chef here before and myself having been a barista know what a proper latte should look like. What was delivered to our table was NOT a proper latte. There was no foam, there were chunks of some kind of powder floating around in it. IN truth, it smelled like a mocha.

We called the waiter over, and (kindly) pointed out the things wrong. Immediately the guy jumped to the defensive. "I made it vanilla, we use a powder" (dude I can see the vanilla syrup from here..) Instead of just saying "I'm sorry, let me fix that" he got bent out of shape. As his voice started to rise, the Owner walked over to our table to see what was wrong. My friend started to explain, but the waiter yelled immediately "I'm not serving THEM.. you can deal with them." Excuse me?

True to his word, he didn't serve us, we had to get our own plates of crepe, the Owner made our lattes for us, and what do you know, they were correct. We overheard the owner make the boy pay for the ones he mucked up. He was missing 2 tickets from the night. so apparently his night wasn't going well and us pointing out his error was just the cherry on top of the sundae.

I work in the service industry, I know what it's like to have your errors pointed out, but you accept it with grace an aplomb. This guy.. should not work with the public.

I will say this though, the food there is terrific. If you get a chance to stop in, get the Ybor City Crepe. It's the NOM!


I just remembered something small that happened to me a few years ago in Greece.

We were on one of the islands, in a pretty busy, quite large restaurant. I think it was meant to be Italian food. Anyway, I just wanted a plate of spaghetti. I'm one of those weird people who likes lots of tomato sauce - so I ask for extra when I placed my order. The server assures me that it comes with plenty of sauce.

Our orders arrive, and, as I had worried, mine is woefully dry. When the waiter comes round to ask how everything is, I ask if I could have a bit more. Politely, I swear! I have an intense fear of confrontation. He leaves...and then comes back a few minutes later, plunks a bottle of ketchup on the table in front of me, and walks off without a word.

I'd say it's hilarious in retrospect, but...it was pretty funny at the time, too.

It was like from a movie....

Hi, this is my first post. If anything is wrong feel free to yap at me to fix it.

This big clothing chain just introduced a new line of clothing that is right up my alley. I looked at the entire line online, but I like to try stuff on before buying it. I bundled up and headed to the closest store by me. They didn't have half of what I saw online (including the one sweater I wanted), so I asked a very sweet worker what was up with that. She explained that no store gets the entire line, and they spread it out over the stores within a given area and suggested I try calling another one of the stores which was also close by.
I went back home disappointed but did just what she suggested, called the other store.

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