January 22nd, 2010

This island Earth

Wow, Subway.

I just went to Subway for lunch and tried to order the soup and sandwich combo. They made my sandwich, and then went to pour my soup. But there was only enough left for half a cup. I said never mind then.

The server said I had to take it, because she had already poured the soup. I told her I wasn't paying full price for a half a cup of soup. She said she'd only charge me a dollar for it. I said fine.

I get to the register, and watch the server's co-worker ring in my half sandwich, drink, and soup as separate items, instead of as the combo, and then give me a dollar off. My bill was almost $7. The price of the combo with tax is $6.5something.

I pointed out that by selling me my half a soup for dollar, I was being charged more over all than the combo I had originally ordered. My server slunk over and told the cashier to just charge me a dollar for the soup. They then had a short, hushed conversation in Spanish, which I don't speak. My server wandered away.

I offered to just pay the full price for the combo, even though I was only getting half of one of the items.

She replied: "I can't void."

I just paid. I was hungry and didn't feel like arguing. I also don't think I'm going to complain to corporate, because I don't think it would be worth it, and because I wasn't given a receipt. But man: what a dick move.