January 21st, 2010

booze time

dear Paypal credit card

I like you, Paypal credit card. Sincerely, I do. You have been handy over the years.

And now, I have finally accepted that, despite several attempts on my part to change the rules, that there is only one account that I hold that you will accept payment from.

I have done my best to convince you that I have another account that you really are allowed to take money from, but, for some reason, you don't like that account.



I give up.

I will no longer attempt to pay my Paypal credit card from my Paypal account.

I will just transfer the money to my checking account and pay from there, completely ignoring the apparently simple payment method of using that online button on my Paypal page to pay my Paypal credit card bill.

You win.

Do you feel better now?