January 20th, 2010

  • ninxai

Landlord + Owner suckage

I'm fucking livid right now!

So my old landlord, K, was in when we signed the lease. It says no pets but he OKed our two indoor cats twice verbally (this was the main reason we chose to live here), we have two witnesses to it too. So K got fired on the 1st and along comes D. He stops by on the 10th or so and drops off his card, we also show him our broken toilet, leaking ceiling (note the day it was posted), and broken blinds (which had rotted off). He picks up the blinds then says he'll be back soon, okay cool.

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rachel mcadams in all her gorgeousness

Annoying 7/11 service

This happened to me yesterday and while I don't consider it very bad service by any means, it was certainly annoying. A little bit of backstory: I live in downtown very close to the university I attend, so I always walk to school and back. On the way there I pass a 7/11 and so occasionally I've stopped there for coffee. I know a lot of the employees there now and they're all usually very friendly.

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