January 19th, 2010

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Hay sup guys. This is maybe 60% bad service and 40% me being dense, but still worth complaining about, IMO.

So, I take this medication for depression/anxiety. It is shiny and good and wonderful and does what it should do to my brains. Only problem is, the withdrawal is NASTY. Like, I'm pretty sure the word "excruciating" was invented JUST for this kind of withdrawal. So needless to say I do not skip my meds if I can help it.

I went to the pharmacy last week to get my refill because I had noticed I only had about three days' worth of pills left. So far, so good. Pharmacy dude says I'm OUT of refills, which is, in retrospect, something I should've been aware of. So I call the nurse/practitioner who wrote me my prescription in the first place, hoping to get a prescription renewal like usual.

I get a recording stating that HER PRACTICE HAS BEEN CLOSED. Closed! Just like that! So over the course of the next few days (having run out of meds) I slump around trying not to die and phoning various people until finally I get someone at the local clinic to write me a prescription. I'm so glad this story has a happy ending. XD
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Moar Time Warner Crap

Follow up to this: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/2452789.html#cutid1 if anyone cares.

Got in touch with a rep the day of the above post, who told me the account was caught up and we had nothing to worry about, sorry for the drama.

Guesssss what I got yesterday?

Oh, that's right. A bill. Now for $37.82 PAST DUE. So that would be the $32 I talked about in the post above, and then a $5 late fee tacked on. I just paid the current charges last Monday.

Then we get a CALL from Time Warner's COLLECTION company, saying our service was getting shut off on Saturday.

My husband is on the phone with them (Time Warner itself) right now, has been for the last 40 minutes, trying to explain that we didn't want the services we were charged for. After he said that, all of the sudden the rep went digging into our account and it became another issue we owed for something else... That happened to break down to exactly the same amount.

I have a headache. I'm moving to DirecTv or something, I can't take this crap anymore. WTF Time Warner?
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Macys Annoyance

This happened at a Macys in Yorktown Heights, at the Jefferson Valley Mall, in NY, probably not a suck, but a definite annoyance.

My mom and I were looking at winter parkas, I found a North Face one I liked. I had some trouble trying the thing on  because they're locked into the the clothing rack. Thats fine, they're expensive and the Macy's I worked for had a rack stolen in a grab-and-go. I find a jacket I like, and we try to find a sales associate to unlock the coat and ring us up.

We find her in the fitting room (I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!!!) and she says that she'll meet us at the register. About 5 minutes later she meets us at the register. My mother asked if today was one of those days that you can get an extra 15% percent off if you use your store card. Its not, but were kind of disappointed because there was a sign on the rack that said it was. The lady says that we can get the 15% off if *I* open a credit card. I already have one, and I don't want to use it. I tell her I don't want to open an account because I don't want her to ask me to put it on the card. Script form:

SA: If you open an account today, you can get 15% off!
Me: No thats fine, I don't want one.
SA: Are you sure, you'll save 15%! (I heard you the first time).
Me: No really, thats OK.
SA: Let me just check something...since the jacket is so expensive you'd save $36 dollars if you open the account today! Thats a lot of money to save!
Me: I don't want to open an account. Period. I already told you that.
SA: Oh well. Your loss. Your total is $XXX.XX.
SA(to my mother): Do you want to use your account to pay for this today?
Mother: No, I'm going to use my Chase card instead.
SA: Oh.

After that she didn't say anything, and wrapped up the jacket kind of messily and dropped it on the floor. I thought that she was going to give us the 15% off if my mother used the store card, but just to tell us how much we'd save if I open an account? I was really annoyed and put off that she asked me several times to open the account. I realize that this is part of your job (I did it too), but come on? One or two times? But three or four times? Really? That really annoyed me because I felt like she wasn't even listening to me. I realize that is how Macy's does business. usually only cardholders who use their cards receive coupons, but whatever. I ended up returning the jacket for a cheaper one from Eastern Mountain Sports who gave me a 10% student discount. Yay!