January 18th, 2010

AT&T? A Pain in My A**

   So the SO and I moved in together July of last year, to prepare for this I scouted around for internet and home phone service. Much to my dismay the only provider was AT&T. (I would have happily gone to satellite but our apartment isn't capable of getting it) So, I call up and make the purchase and go on my way.  A week later, when I hadn't received the modem in the mail, I called and used the account number they gave me to check the status.  But oh! AT&T says that isn't a valid account and they never processed the order, no internets for me. So I shrug, consider it a sign that I shouldn't have used them and continue to look for other options. 
    Fast forward to month in the new place, I receive a bill saying I owe them for a month of internet and a modem I never received. I call, the rep says its taken care of and to disregard any future bills. I do so and then the next month a bill arrives saying I now owe the past due amount and a new month of service.  I call AGAIN and the rep says its been cancelled and disregard the bill.

    Two months later I recieve a notice stating I'm seriously past due and they are about to send me to collections. By now I'm beyond livid and have finally realized that I have to use them if I'm to continue my online schooling.

I call a final time, get names and confirmation # that its been cancelled, and an adjustment of all charges. Finally its taken care of!  I then make a new account and all is going fine and dandy. This one is handled completely right, and I receive everything and start paying my bills.

Then I get a notice from a collections agency saying that AT&T sent them an account where I owe 92.23 dated in Dec 09.  I call them and I'm calm but I definitely have a "don't screw around with me or make me call you again" tone. I get bounced around several times, then end up in Account Receivable, where they figure out that the last person did not adjust all the charges and left the modem charge on the previous account.

Twenty minutes later, they claim to have taken care of it. They promise this will automatically cancel the collection. I'm far from convinced but I have a confirmation number and I'll give them a week or so to make sure this has been finally taken care of. 

I hate them so farking much. I don't even know what action I could(or would) take if it still isn't fixed after this.  All I can do I guess is warn the public from them.

Edited: to fix a few errors that immediately jumped out at me.
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I waited a few days to post this to make sure it was legitimate bad_service and I do believe it is.

I work for the local community college. In order to save money, instead of using the ridiculously expensive on campus catering company for lunch meetings, my department has decided to start going to restaurants.

We were scheduled to host a lunch meeting for some grant program last Thursday. A couple weeks prior to this meeting, my coworker called a restaurant that is located across the highway from the college to see if we could hold the meeting there. At the time, we didn't know that this restaurant was no longer open for lunch (the place is under new management). However, when they found out that this was a group from the college, they immediately decided to make an exception and do a lunch menu for our group. (They brought this up, not us.)

Last Monday coworker called to confirm they would be ready for us on Thursday at 10:30 a.m., with lunch served at 11:00 a.m. Restaurant owner says of course we're ready, gives her a rundown of menu, and confirms the price.

So all is well...or so we thought.

Thursday rolls around. My 2 coworkers head over to the restaurant to set up for the meeting. Only, no one is there. They try calling the owner. No answer. They look in the windows and beer bottles are still on the table from the previous evening.

Thankfully we were able to get in at a different restaurant in town so the meeting was saved, but yeesh.

At first we thought, maybe something happened and there was an emergency. Only the owner still won't return our calls. He's been open for business since then, but he refuses to acknowledge his screw up or even apologize for what happened.

tl;dr: restaurant decides to open for lunch so we can have a meeting there, only when the meeting day comes, they AREN'T there and leave us high and dry.
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Sprint, Asurion, phone fraud and 4 months of trying to get my bill fixed

It starts out with my normally ~$120 phone bill being ~$360 (2 phones, me and the wife)

I'll skip past most of the details of the first few days of crap service in which the Sprint representative I was talking to insisted that I was a liar who had ordered 2 very expensive phones on a phone replacement plan to be shipped to Miami. Instead of being able to resolve the issue over the phone they insisted I drive to a sprint store, I understand they may need to verify my identity, but continually saying that I had ordered two phones / calling me a liar, feh.

The people at the store figured out what was going on - someone had gotten my sprint account access (odd as it's not a password I use elsewhere and I don't ever log into the account), and went hog wild with it. I got on line with the fraud department, they verified that something was afoot, and an investigation was launched. This was back in September I was told it could be up to 2 billing cycles before everything was straightened out and assured everything would be taken care of.

2 billing cycles later I have a phone bill for ~$780 (the previous had been $100 charges for 2 phones shipped, this was now the charge for the phones). I call in and they tell me to just pay what I normally pay and they'll take care of it. I point out I'm on autobill and they need to get that taken care of.

During this, after changing my password and pin and everything, the hacker get back into the account. Evidently they'd authorized another user account and added it as an admin, so changing my pin and password didn't do anything, that was phone 3 I think. They see that and curse the local store for not checking to see if another account had been set up as an authorized user.

they fixed the $780 bill, leaving me with $200 overpaid for 2 phones I never ordered, then another $100 for this new phone I never ordered, and then the bills started coming in for non-returned phones from Asurion.

In December I was told I had to resolve this problem myself with Asurion. That would have been useful to know 3 months prior, but I figure perhaps I'll deal with a company that's capable of doing something. I call on Dec 13th, talk to someone, state my case, give a ton of information, and basically spend 45 minutes of time that gets dumped in the trash. Nothing happens, nobody calls back, nobody recorded that. I call back after Christmas, same thing.

I called Sprint last week, told them that Asurion seemed to have been making it a hobby to forget me and asked if they could fix this and prevent Asurion from making any further charges, I was told no, I asked if they had anyone ho would actually do something over at Asurion I could talk to. They gave me the number of a woman there who I called, left a message, and never got called back.

Got in touch with her today and she's no longer in that department, but will see if there isn't anything that can be done. I'm not super confidant about anything happening on this one either. So, from time of initial report to now has been 5 bills, 4 months. and after corrections I've overpaid ~400.

4 hours of phone time, 22 calls altogether if I added it up right too. Sprint calling me a liar and Asurion just wasting my time, and someone in Miami with 2 or 3 free cell phones.


Just a shorty one.

A note to the Jiffy-Lube (and all the others like it):

When you water down your washer fluid, it separates. When it separates, the water freezes in your washer fluid tank and the line. Which is a PITA when you're driving down highways covered in salt in the middle of the winter and want to, you know, wash your windshield.

Stop being cheap,