January 15th, 2010


'Customer services' 'helps'.

Paul Simon, a UK curtains, linens and beds retailer.

We popped in two weeks ago to have a look at their range of curtains, had a few ready-made curtains on display catch our eye, and went away to have a think.

During the following week, I got on to their website to check the matching tieback options for the curtains we wanted. One of them was pictured, and the other two (different colour variants of the same design) were not, and neither were they described. Since it was an online shop, I assumed Customer Services (the only general purpose number on the website) could help. Ahaha.

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In short, try not to give Paul Simon any of your money if you can help it, it's obviously not going towards making their staff happy.

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life on mars

Rogers is greedy

In letter format, just because I'm feelin' snarky.


Dear Rogers,

Please stop calling me about my "pre-payment plan" and leaving messages utilizing that dumb bot-woman who starts in the middle of a sentence and cuts off in mid-sentence.  I didn't know what the hell it was about, remained on hold for 35 mins, then was "gently reminded" that my visa card expires at the end of this month.  I knew this and was really put off by it.  You're assuming I won't get the card in time and you won't get your precious monies next month, aren't you?

Some would consider this conscientious.  The second and third time you called me, not so much.  You're far from broke, guys, you bought the damn Skydome and renamed if after yourselves.  Puh-leese.

Calm down, ffs.  Why are you calling me directly anyway?  A simple, one time call to visa about their renewals would do the trick.

If you call me again, I'm going to put YOU on hold for 35 mins and then give you the 800 # for Visa's customer service.  Go. To. Hell.


Your Badgered and Miffed User of Internet

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Ok, OK. I get it. I'm a student, we live in a shared house so we don't deserve to be treated like human beings. Right.

We keep having viewings on the house - usually the day before our landlord texts us a time and it's a pain, but Okish. (There have been a lot of them, though, and we don't move out til June).

Yesterday we get a text saying there is a viewing for 14:30. So, I clean up a bit, but about 13:00 I think I'll have a bath. I'm having a lovely splash about and someone rattles and pulls on the door. I ignore it, do my washing thing and get out at about 1:45.

Justine, my housemate, is in her room, furious. Apparently they turned up an hour early and were rude and bossy and obnoxious about being unable to get in the bathroom. Justine told them come back at the right time, and they insisted it was an "hour slot" between 1:30 and 2:30. No, that's not what we were told, and Justine showed him the text, to which the agency guy got really huffy. Basically they just barged around the house anyway. I don't like people in my room without me in there - we are a close house and don't have locks on the doors and are free with our things, so anyone could just pick up any of my stuff, you know? My purse was out, my ipod, all that stuff.

Anyway. I'm really not happy with this. Does anyone know if tenants have any rights regarding viewings?
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