January 13th, 2010


Minor Bad Service?

I went into the bookstore tonight to find a book that had come out pretty recently. I didn't know where it'd be, so I went up to one of the computers they have for customer use by the registers and typed in the title. An employee approached me and asked if he could help me. I said, "yes, actually, I'm looking for this book" and pointed to the screen. He checked where it would be located, asked me to wait, and went to find it. He returned without it saying that he was unable to find it and re-checked the computer. Then he said he would look around at the store's displays (since it was a new book) and to wait for him in the business section.

I thought it was a little odd that he asked me to wait in the business section - I had just been standing by the computer terminal - but walked over there. I waited for about ten minutes, all the while checking the section myself just in case he'd missed it and flipping through a couple of books. Then I started to get impatient when I noticed the time - I was going to be late for work if I didn't leave in the next five or so minutes - and looked around for the employee. Much to my surprise, he was at the cash registers, cashing people out. I waited for about five minutes more, during which he just kept cashing people out, before I finally just left because I really didn't have any more time.

Now, maybe this isn't B_S, but I feel like he deliberately asked me to move to the business section to get me away from the registers so that I wouldn't see him there. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an employee supposed to finish helping a customer before he gets on cash? The line wasn't even that long - there were already two other cashiers working and only one person in line - and the store only had about a dozen people in it, which is really nothing for this place. It made me annoyed because I waited for him for over ten minutes, and all the while he was at the register. Plus I never got my book - knowing how annoying it is for employees to find something for a customer, only to have to go and track down said customer who wandered away, I stayed where he asked. I could have been looking for it myself during that time. 

Is this worth issuing a complaint over, or should I just chalk it up to being one of those things and drop it?

aw nuts

bad service noted TWO YEARS after the fact.

my boyfriend has two movie posters from the 80s...one is from Blade Runner, the other is from the Star Wars trilogy (the real one, not that new abomination). two or three years ago we took the Blade Runner poster to a local craft store to get it framed, and were less than impressed with the service.

the result looked great, though, so we took it home and thought nothing else of it.

fast forward to November. i took the Star Wars poster in to get that framed at a different location of the same company (60% coupons are my weakness). THIS experience was significantly better than the first...the employee who helped us was meticulous, polite, and asked all the right questions. we did specify the poster was not to be cut (because she suggested it), and when we picked it up it looked awesome.

fast forward to today. as i'm leaving for work, my SO notes that the mat widths are different. by a half inch.

we're checking this tonight, but it APPEARS they cut the Blade Runner poster. which is worth about $600 uncut. needless to say, i'm angry. really angry. if they actually DID cut it, do we even have any recourse since this was 2-3 years ago, or must we write this off? this was purchased and framed with museum glass with the intention of it being an investment, so we'd like to know if anyone's encountered this before.