January 11th, 2010

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Dear lady who works at the wholesale club:
It is not really ok to ram an empty cart into a customer's cart, pinning the customer between the cart and the conveyor belt. Especially when you follow it up with a glare and a huffy "I need to get through here". If you'd asked first, I would have moved myself and then the cart, giving you room, but as you had me pinned, I couldn't move the cart. There were four lanes completely unblocked, why did you need to push me aside?
  • zombo70

Beware the fried rice!

Not so much a bad service as a massive dose of WTFery.

So it's the week before Christmas and my brother and I decide to order some Chinese food--crab rangoon, sweet/sour chicken, lo mein, beef and scallops, eggdrop soup...all proven to be very much delicious from a local restaurant. The first night we eat our fill and put the leftovers away. The next night I decide to get all creative by adding the plain fried rice to the eggdrop soup (which I've done before and discovered to be very good).

I get my bowl of soup and a few leftover pieces of sweet/sour chicken and tuck in. My brother is a little later in getting his, but he eventually begins to eat his soup. One or two bites in, it happens. I'm in the other room when he comes in and says, "There's something stuck in my throat."

Erg. He opens his mouth wide and there it is, something white and thin, caught on one of his tonsils. He coughs, hacks, tries to puke, even entertains the notion of taking a pair of tweezers to it, but nothing helps. Finally he decides it's ER time. I drive him to the hospital at 10 in the evening.

Two rounds of x-rays are taken before they numb his throat and use a long, thin pair of forceps to extract the obstruction. It's a thin piece of bone, sharp enough to hook into his tonsils. We're guessing it was mixed in with the rice. I'm just grateful it stuck in his throat instead of being swallowed and doing some real damage to his insides.

So it's not necessarily a bad service--I'm sure the place didn't intend to put bones in its fried rice--but it's really turned us (and everyone we've told the story to) off of Chinese food for a long time. Next time you're chowing down, make sure you chew every bite thoroughly. You never know when a bone's going to stick in your craw.