January 8th, 2010

DirecTV Letter

The following is a copy of the letter I plan to send to the billing dispute department. If need be I plan to contact the BBB and AG as well in order to receive satisfaction. I understand they make no promises on their website for service however, outages and unavailability are a far cry from deliberately withholding information that I have made an effort to seek out in order to make an informed decision.

Suggestions on the letter itself are wonderful.


Andrea N.
123 Main St
Anytown, US 12345

DirecTV Inc
Attn: Billing Disputes
PO BOX 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Re: Account#8675309

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to request the reimbursement of the late fee I was assessed on 1/4/10 by National City in the amount of $36.00. In the beginning of December I signed onto your website and changed my automatic draft from a checking account at National City to my current account with Day Air Credit Union. My automatic draft comes out at the very end of the month. At this point nothing had come up to alert me that this would not go into effect until the draft due at the end of January. Having read over the terms and conditions listed on your website I have to date found none discussing automatic drafts.

I had not seen any drafts taken from either account until 1/4 when this was withdrawn from my National City account- an account that was left with only enough funds to cover 3 unrelated drafts- resulting in an overdraft fee. I called your customer service line on 1/5/10 and spoke with a customer service rep and then a supervisor named Victor. Both of these individuals insisted that there was nothing they could do regarding the late fees while at the same time acknowledging that your guidelines regarding automatic drafts are not available to the public on your website .

I was informed that reps inform customers of this information when this change is done over the phone. Customers who opt for the “convenience” of the website have no such disclosure. Before writing this letter I called once more and spoke with Ceasar ID#100243313 in your Phillipines call center. This time I recorded the conversation and will be more than happy to provide a copy. In this call Phillip acknowledged that in fact nowhere does it disclose on your website that changes to the automatic billing go into effect the next billing cycle.

As there is no industry standard (my changes to my Clearwire account were made with a scant 4 business days notice), I feel it is irresponsible not to disclose your policies regarding automatic drafts anywhere on your website. I am very upset that I am being penalized for something that has been acknowledged that I have no conceivable way of knowing by making a change on your website. This is a very deceptive practice and I do not feel confidence in your company knowing that it operates in such a fashion. If I do not find satisfaction here, I will be escalating this matter as high and far as I need to in order to get this overdraft fee reimbursed.

I thank you for you consideration in this matter.

Andrea N

If anyone has any advice on this it would be greatly appreciated as well.
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Dear Waste Management Professionals/Trash Collectors/Garbage Men/Whatever,

You seem to leave everyone else's trash bins standing neat and upright at the end of their driveways on garbage collection day. Why then, are mine always thrown on their sides in the middle of the driveway or on the (rather busy) road? Why do I often find garbage laying in the driveway that you failed to pick up? Do you hold a grudge because my mother reported you to the township for destroying at least two of our bins? You are not very good at your job.


PS. Please stop leering at me. Your creepy "Ho, ho, ho" was rather unsettling when I happened to be getting the mail at the same time that you were stopping at our house to collect the trash. How clever, it being so close to Christmas. However, I believe that's called harassment, of the sexual kind. I was barely 18, and you, sir, looked to be nearing 30.

Edit: I don't know why everyone is up in arms, assuming that I think 30 is "ancient" and "disgusting". I was in high school at the time. Like I said, this guy was creepy and leering, his comment was made in an inappropriate way, it had nothing to do with harboring Christmas spirit, and I looked to be about 15 at the time.