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The last post reminded me of this, and this is still going on.

On October 15th 2007, I bought an iPod video for my birthday, for about 450$, which included the Life Warranty in addition to the 80 gig iPod.
It has worked amazingly up until recently, and so I took it back to Best Buy, to get them to fix it. The cashier who took me was so pleasant and sweet, and asked what was wrong with it.
I told her: I have to hold the pause button for a few minutes to get it to pause/turn off, instead of just clicking it
Only one side of the earphones works (I've tried multiple earphones, and these earphones work on different things)
Only holds charge for 30-40 minutes
If I charge it all night, and have it off all day, it is already dead. (As in, I turn it off and lock it like that, then turn it on later)
At this point, it STILL TURNS ON, plugged in or not.
She says that is is okay, and she'll send it in to the Best Buy fixing team (why it isn't being sent to Apple is beyond me), and that it'll be in around 1-2 weeks from now. I thank her, and leave happy.

This is where it goes to shit.
In exactly 5 days, we get a call from Best Buy, and an they tell me that they can't fix it unless we give them 150$. I ask why, and they said "It's water damage, and we don't cover that." I tell them politely that it's never been near water, ever. So, the lady says, in a really snappy attitude, that it might be condensation. So now, the atmosphere and it's changes it my fault. I tell them just to send it back, and I don't want to get it fixed, and she says "fine", and that's that.
A week ago, they call to say my iPod is back at Best Buy, and my mom and I go to pick it up. We get to Best Buy, and I'm excited to have my bb back. We get to the counter, and my mom asks the cashier to make sure it's working. She is polite and agrees, and when she plugs it in, nothing happens. I would understand if it wasn't plugged in, since the battery would have died by now, but it was plugged in, and not working. I try to keep a straight face, and I say "Well, can we send it back? I have the Life Warranty and they should either fix it or give me a new one." The girl looks at me, confused and says "We don't see life warranties here." By this time, I'm furious that I spent 250+$ on something that I don't have. I realize that this happens, buying something useless, but I don't have a job, and this 250 could have gone to something I needed, instead of something that doesn't exist.
The girl checks the computer screen, and says that, yes, it was working when we brought it in. Both I, and the original cashier wrote that down, and now Best Buy has broken my poor bb.

As well, I went to get a Christmas present for my cousin there, iTunes gift cards. My father and I ask multiple people in the store where to get them, and we find them, and get them. We get to the cash, and the girl is really rude with us and says "Uh, we can't activate those here anymore." Like, you can't have a sign or something at the desk where they give you them? I'm not going to be buying things at Best Buy anymore. ):
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