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Best Buy rip-off

My mother bought me a Zune for Christmas. Since they have a policy, she didn't touch the box until it was purchased, he carried it from the case to the register and rang it up.

Come Christmas Eve, my mom had a feeling she should open it up. Her suspicions were correct, there was nothing in it but a pair of headphones.

Today my mother went to take it back, telling them she thinks they might of grabbed a display box on accident. The guy said that was impossible despite the fact is says DISPLAY next to the bar-code, which is something I want to stress.  It's one thing if it's just a box for purchase, that could easily be seen as potential theft whether by us or an employee, but it plainly says DISPLAY on the bottom written with a pen. And why the hell couldn't the cashier see that as he rang it up?

He basically told her she was shit out of luck and he would not replace it nor give her the money back. She even asked if they could bring the guy who sold it to her over to attest to this, and he refused.

They went back and forth for awhile until the commotion started drawing the attention of other customers. When this happened, he told her she needed to leave. My mother turned and began walking toward the door, yet two security followed her out and threatened to call the police on her the entire way outside.  I quickly sent my brother to go find my step-dad since he had the keys. We calmly and quietly waited outside until a manager came out and asked us what our problem was and why we hadn't left yet, very rudely. 

My mother was upset so I stepped in and told him we were waiting for my step-father and then we would leave immediately. He ignored me and conintued to threaten to call the police on my mother. Whenever she brought up the issue that she'd just paid $100 for an empty box, they would tell her she needed to be quiet.

We left and bought a new one at Walmart. My mother asked to see the inside of the box before purchasing and the cashier was happy to oblige.

I think this is bullshit, obviously. I know it must  be somewhat difficult to assess the situation, but they didn't even attempt to resolve it at all. The manager wouldn't even look at the receipt at first until my mother insisted. They continuously threatened us and said some pretty unprofessional, personal insults despite the fact that besides being (understandably) angry, we were cooperating as best we could.

I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon.
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