December 30th, 2009

You Need to Go!

Really Just Funny...

Last week I had the opportunity to experience some dubious service, and I have to admit, that one of this community's tags came to mind as it was happening.

It's cold in Ohio, and since the work cafeteria is closed due to the holiday, I shuffled to the closest place to work, which happened to be a Chipotle. Super. Awesome. Burritos are great.

I order my burrito from the gentleman at the tortilla press, who was apparently a manager (it all comes out in the wash below). He pressed the tortilla and asked if I wanted beans and rice. Yes, please, black beans.

He handed off the tortilla to the next person on the Assembly Line of Utter Deliciousness, who just stared at it. We'll call him Number 2.

"Beans," said the manager. "Rice."

Number 2 just stared at it.

"Frijoles?" said the manager.

Number 2 shrugged.

"This is your job," said the manager. "Please put beans on the tortilla."

Number 2 gestured vaguely around him.

"Beans." Ordered the manager.

"And rice?" I asked.

"Beans and rice!" said the manager.

"Dr. Scott!" exclaimed Janet.

"Grunt," went Rocky.

"Boom," went the dynamite.

Etc. Etc. Etc. Rinse and repeat, only with Spanish subtitles, 'cos they did the whole thing again in Spanish.

By the point, the lunch rush is backed up behind me like a toilet at a cheese festival. The manager slopped some rice on to my poor, naked tortilla. "You put it on like this!"

Number 2 looked away. Then he wandered to the prep counter behind him and stared off into space.

Eventually, the manager had no choice but to turn his attention to the rest of the crowd, but dragged Number 2 back to the serving line and informed him that they would need to have a discussion in the back office later (which is why I'm under the assumption that the first guy was the manager).

No, I didn't get any beans. Number 2 just slid the tortilla to the next lady in line, and so on.

Now frankly, I'm not all worked up about beans. Sure, they're delicious, but I was feeling really awful for the masses stuck in line behind me, waiting for their chance to even order lunch. Around here, most of us have to work through lunch, so getting out to grab a quick burrito is a Really Big Deal.

I have to say, though, what's the big stink? I mean, really, is it hard to twack some beans on a tortilla and pass them on? Number 2 could hear what his manager was telling him. He could see the action he needed to perform. He got the run-down in two languages. I'm assuming he was lightly trained before they put him on the floor. I've worked food service before, and sure, I got some serious performance anxiety the first time I assembled a Greek salad in public, but Number 2's one and only job is to twack beans in the general direction of a tortilla.

Of course, there was no need to mention it to management, because, hey, he was right there. I went back today, and the staff was the same, except Number 2 was... predictably absent. I received an awesomely huge burrito- I've still got some of it here, if anyone's interested in sharing.

So yes, I think everything's fine now. The situation was just so absurdly comedic that I think I'll giggle every time I go to that particular Chipotle. I've had some good times there!

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Short, sweet, and to the point.

In places where pictures are developped (at least locally) there is a strict privacy policy. Developers can't discuss what the pictures contain to anyone. If your husband develops pictures of him kissing his mistress, the developers can't show them to you no matter how much you beg and plead. With such a policy in place, most developers don't even bother really looking at the pictures aside from the necessary glances.

So why, Developer, did you look at mine? I went to pick up my pictures from your work station and before I even get the chance to see them myself (let alone offer to let you see them) you start flicking through them right in front of me! I have no control over whether or not you look at them before I pick them up, but to do so right in front of me? Really? He just stood there behind the counter, going through my pictures.

Holy unprofessional.
Bad Kitty

Doctors hurt by recession too!

I have high blood pressure. It runs in the family. I have been taking the same medication at the same dose since I was first diagnosed almost a decade ago.

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Teal Deer: I go from 1 physical a year to 12+ a year even though there have been no changes in my health. Added bonus? The doctor lets me know I need to come in monthly by abruptly cutting off my supply of high blood pressure medicine. I guess doctors are getting hit by the recession too.

I'm defenitely looking into a new PCP. I'm just not sure if this warrants a complaint to the state medical board and/or the insurance company (kind of seems like insurance fraud to me...I'm sure the doctors more interested in the insurance payout for office visits than in my co-pay).