December 29th, 2009

Possible Bad Medical Service?

 Copied and pasted from my personal LJ.

Background information: I'm undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy and 'Nebido' is a form of Testosterone that I need to have every three months. (Although this is my second shot so it's six weeks after the first, it's three monthly from now on.)
Doctor Curtis is my private gender specialist, and this nurse is an NHS nurse at my local practise who was injecting my private prescription of Nebido.

Collapse ) ETA: I'm not especially good at formal letters, but I have sent this complaint e-mail to the West Essex PCT after your wonderful reassurance and encouragement. 

I decided to focus on her main, potentially dangerous mistake.

Collapse )

ETA: I keep accidently putting '1000ml/4mg'. To confirm, the dose is 1000mg/4ml.