December 23rd, 2009

Dell is driving me nuts! *grrr*

I posted a story about Dell not too long ago and believe me when I say it hasn't gotten any better. After spending a week of talking back and forth with several people someone finally called me back concerning my complaint that I filed online.

I was told to ship it back where they would re-assemble it and replace the cover since it was scratched during the repair. So I did.

The agent who was doing the follow up called me to say that it was working but not repaired as requested and that it would be sent back.

I was called back the next day to advise me again that the motherboard had a liquid damage on it and that it would cost me 500$ to fix it. Again I told them not to repair it, and asked why they were calling since on the repair form all specifications were clearly indicated concerning my case. they BS'd me for a few minutes and I simply told them I wanted my computer assembled and with an OS as I had shipped it out in the first place.

That was last Wednesday. Where's my computer? I have no clue.

I added a post-it on the repair sheet specifying to ship it back to a specific address because last time they left the box outside so I indicated my work adress so I can pick it up.

My guesses are:

1. was delivered to my old address on Friday and was stolen
2. was delivered to my old address but no one to pick it up was returned to the HO of Purolator and are trying to call a number without voice mail since Dell didn't change the address in the system as I requested
3. was lost somewhere in the repair center where a bunch of monkeys are trying to figure out what to do with a broken computer that only need to have it screwed back together
4. was lost in transit

Overall what this means, I'm going to spend my evening fighting with Dell... again... Its a good thing I have the number and extension for the agent who did the follow up. I would want to go through the nut house again!

What can one do to have someone help me out. This has been ongoing for 2 months now. I'm sick and tired of being pissed at Dell.

Calling Consummer Protection Agency? The media? (I know a few shows here in Quebec that just loooooove this kind of bad experiences)

What would you do?
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Medical Suck, Day 2

Good news--according to the X-rays, nothing's broken.

Bad news--I'm still in pain and rapidly running out of patience.

I went to talk to staff this morning, and overheard this gem.

Night Shift: ...she wanted to go to the hospital.

Day Shift Tina: She on Darvocent! They given her all the pain meds they can![No, my pain didn't make me forget proper grammar--that's what she said.]

I got the feeling I wasn't going to get much help. Thankfully, my head has cleared somewhat, so I'm able to use my journalism training. You'd be surprised how often it comes in handy.

Tina did med pass this morning. She didn't give me the flexeril or the darvocet until I told her that I was [still]in severe pain. She didn't ask what the pain level was or if I wanted to go to the ER, which is standard practice. I was civil, although I had quite a bit that I wanted to say.

My GP, Dr. Rinderknecht,[I'll bet he can always identify a telemarketer] called this morning. I told him everything I said in the post last night. He said he'd talk to staff, and that he's had to intervene before to get a psych patient medical treatment. He told me that it could be a pinched nerve, that he'd try to see me today, and if it gets worse go to the ER and try to get an MRI. I can't remember if I told him about staff refusing to take me or not.

Either he told staff something completely different or they're messing with me.[Language cleaned up on account of Jesus' birthday.]

I went to the office and explained the situation. Just my luck--Tina was the one who talked to the doctor. According to Tina, he would see me January 4th, no sooner, and he didn't want me to go to the emergency room if it was within my power to do so. I have a hard time believing that's what he said, so I went to Larry, Tina's supervisor.

Larry told me that they couldn't do anything since this isn't a medical facility.[I'm aware of that, but staff won't help me get to a medical facility.] He said Tina's attitude was probably due to the fact Dr. Rinderknecht was "playing hard to get". [Real-ly? Why'd he call my cell phone, then?] He said the tests had shown muscle spasms and they were doing everything they could to get me some help. He then told me--direct quote--"Part of this is your mental illness."

I talked to my psychiatrist, Dr. Fretwell[hello, irony!]. She explicitly told me that if it got that bad again to go to the ER. I told her about staff refusing to take me, but I don't remember the rest of the conversation.

I don't know whether I should go to the nursing supervisor's office today or not. It's only five blocks away--normally no problem--but I don't think I can walk that far and I can't arrange transportation.

In other news, did you hear the FDA is considering taking Vicadin off the market?
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Bank Suck

My brother was checking his bank account online when he noticed that there were two $60 ATM withdrawals on his account the day before...while he was at work. He knew he didn't make the withdrawals as his debit card was in his wallet in his pocket he didn't know how anyone else could have either. So, he did the sane thing and called his bank. They told him he'd have to come in to fill out some paperwork. He gets to the bank and they are not helpful at all. He fills out the paperwork but they tell him they have no way of proving if he took the money out or not because the money was not withdrawn from one of their ATMs. (Basically they were accusing him of lying about how the money left his account but why would he ask for a new ATM card if that was the case?) I call BS on this. ATMs have cameras. Whether it was their ATM or not, shouldn't they contact the other bank and ask them to look at the footage? It's been two weeks and they still haven't updated him or given him his money back. I think he should go to the police but the footage has probably been erased by now.

ETA: My brother lives in a big city, it's possible the ATM didn't have a camera but not as likely. The bank didn't give him any advice. If they did and he'd ignored it, I'd smack him. Something similar happened to my sister last year. Someone used her card in a store 3 states away and the bank card company immediately called her to see if it was her. They canceled her card and filed a report. She never figured out how it happened since she still had her card. They refunded all her money. My brother's bank, on the other hand, acts like they can't be bothered to help him.

two (2 ) Bad services

First was when I went to the grocery store with my kid. We were going down the candy isle cheerful as can be when we came to those little cheep toys some groc stores have. You know like cheep pretend jewelry playing cards and so on and so on. I decided to let my kid pick two out. She's been really good lately so I decided she deserved a treat. No big.

Well a clerk thought it was big. I indicate the selection of toys and clearly say 'pick two sweetheart' to my kid. Fine right? Uhhh nope. Kid reaches for one she wants clerk GLARES and yanks it back from her. Kid reaches for it again thinking clerk is playing a game. Hey kid's four so she doesn't know what a bitch is or a dickhead or asshole or nothin like that. So I can see her thinking.

Well Clerk GRABS it back again and Glares at kid. Before I can even say "uhhhh maybe you should pick another one instead " to my kid my kid grabs it back. Now I can see both A what's going on and B what my kid is doing so when the clerk glares again and reaches to grab the toy I can kind of understand and I would have told my kid to pick a new toy instead but then this was said.

"Stop it you brat!"

Who said it? Well it wasn't me or my kid so you take a guess. That's right the clerk.

Kid says "Mine!" and I say her first name sharply because even when a clerk is being a jerk 'mine' doesn't cut it in my family.

Clerk glares and says "I said STOP you brat! It's NOT yours!" I glare at clerk and finally say "pick another one instead honey" to my confused kid.

Kid picks a new one that is NOT the one the clerk was so grabby about Clerk goes insane.

"Lady control your brat or I will have security escort you out!" Is growled at me.

I calmly say "She's not a brat I said she could pick a toy and she will pick a toy. In fact I said she could pick two so she will pick two."

Clerk says "Lady control your spoiled brat or leave!" confused I wonder if I missed kiddo doing something naughty like sticking her tounge out or something.

So I calmly ask "How is she a spoiled brat?" as if I give two shits right now.

the clerk's answer is "She's a spoiled brat because I say she's a spoiled brat! She grabbed something from the shelf and from me that does NOT belong to her."

Now I'm getting mad so my voice gets louder. not yelling or even shouting but louder.

"They will be hers once we pay for them that is if you will let us take them so we can pay for them!"

and I wheel the basket elsewhere to finish up. In the end I decide my kiddo's treat would be something the clerk couldn't snatch from her because she wouldn't be there. McDonalds to eat and play on the playground. Playground has a ball pit . kiddo loves the ball pit.

Second suck is there. right in the middle of McD's.

Now to understand the suck you need to know this. recently my niece who is five visited. She got a regular meal when we went to McD's. Chicken nuggets (9 piece) fries and a drink. (she doesn't like the toy offered right now. )

So when we order I'm about to get kiddo a happy meal when she pipes up and asks if she can have a 'big people meal' like her cousin did. I say OK because it's only lunch time and if she can't finish I can heat it up later.

Clearly the person taking our order didn't think it was so OK. Because this happens.

Order taker : You SURE you want to do that?
Me : Umm... Yes? *confused is there a better deal maybe?*
Order Taker : So you want to give your KID all that food?
Me : Um.....yes? *still confused*
Order taker : You sure you want to give all that to such a BIG girl? *wink wink*
Me : What??? *no she didn't say THAT she just means my kids not a baby yeah... that's it*
Order Taker : *repeats herself louder*
Me : I am sure. Now please just give us our order and while you're at it please get your manager.

Now no my kiddo isn't a twig but she isn't fat either. She's perfect. Doctor says so.

Manager comes up I explain the problem he says OK he'll take care of it. gives us the meals free.

Well we get our drinks and whatever and I over hear this from Manager and Order taker.

Order Taker : but she was like gonna give all that food to her kid! That's just wrong!
Manager : It's none of your concern. If that pig wants to turn her kid into a fatter smaller version of her let her.

Needless to say I took down the head office number and we didn't eat there we asked a different worker for togo bags and left.