December 21st, 2009


where shopping is a pleasure?

I went to Publix this morning to grab some groceries and the like. I'm coming down with a cold & I wanted to load up on vitamin C, so I was looking for the orange juice. I went all over the store & didn't see it. I've only been to this particular Publix maybe twice so I wasn't too familiar with the layout.

I found an employee stocking some dairy products, so I came up to him & said "excuse me, sir?".. no answer. I repeated it again. still no response. so I repeated it AGAIN, a little louder this time. during this, I stepped a little closer so that I was right beside him, yet he still didn't acknowledge me. he finally glanced at me for a split second, and when I asked him where the orange juice was he looked back at his box of cheese & said "I dunno, in the produce I guess". I replied "I looked over there sir & I didn't see it".. normally Publix employees are VERY helpful & kind, and are willing to point something out to you. but instead, he responds "well it's over there, like I just said" in the rudest tone imaginable. I stood there sorta flabberghasted at first but instead of saying anything further I said thanks, walked off, and eventually found the juice.

not ~omg major~ suckage, but really - why be so rude? :\