December 17th, 2009

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Shari's BS

Background on this suck:
My friends and I meet once a week to hang out in our local diner. We all work pretty different schedules, so it seems that Tuesday at 8 is the only time/day we can get everyone together. Because of this late time spot we have chosen to go to this spot because it is 24 hours, so we don't feel like we are getting in the way of anyone doing closing duties.

We have been going to this diner at least once a week for the past year and a half. We all order drinks, most of us order food, and we all tip. We know how the diner game works, and we try to play by all of the rules.
We keep to ourselves and except for one small incident about a year ago at one in the morning, we don't bother other customers (and that small incident involved a very drunk man getting offended at something he THOUGHT we said). The staff knows us.

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(Holy text, Batman, that got long!)

teal dears: Waitress ignores us, forgets us, and blames it on a busy diner that wasn't even busy.
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small WTF

My friend and I went to Bugaboo Creek Sunday night for dinner. We sat down and ordered drinks (coke) and ordered our meals. My friend drank his coke pretty fast, and a few minutes later the waitress brought him another coke without him asking.

The meals came and I was still drinking my original drink, and it was pretty low. I kept hoping she would just bring me another one....but nothing. We got there pretty early (5pm ?) and the place was almost empty so it wasn't like she was super busy.

A few minutes later both of our glasses were empty, the waitress came up to the table, looked right at my friend and asked him if he would like another drink. He said no and she walked away without asking me. And I was still eating my meal. I would have asked her for a refill but (1) I was a little caught off guard and (2) she disappeared like a ninja and we never saw her again until I was done eating.

Unfortunately it wasn't me paying the bill because I wouldn't have left the full 20%....

Dell is AWFUL.

Okay. Deep breath.

Hello everyone. In June of this year I bought myself a shiny new XPS laptop from Dell. It cost me all my savings, but since I'm an illustration student justified it to myself with the excuse I needed it for all those horribly demanding programs I have to use.

It's a lovely laptop. But fast forward to yesterday. I come home for Christmas, unpack the laptop and there is Something Wrong. The screen flickers and is ghosting to the right, all complex colours are coming up as a wobbling pixellated red colour and basically it looks awful. I ring Dell customer support.

We go through the motions, him remotely connecting to the laptop and going through all the issues to see what it could be. It is decided it is the graphics card. I have Next Day Service on this laptop, so he assures me I should get a technician over the very next day to replace the graphics card. Hooray!

So he checks the stock - and there are none left. He says there is a 15 day wait for it, and I am 51st in the queue to get one. I say isn't there another type that will work. He says he will put in an order for it, anyway, so that I will get it when it arrives. Cool.

Later I ring again, as the website is not showing up that he has placed an order for a more rubbish card to be installed the next working day. Of course, it turns out he hasn't (I must admit, this is my fault - I think he must have thought I was fine for waiting for weeks for my laptop to work). They tell me that the less good card is in stock, but since it was after 4:30 at this point, they can't send someone round the next day to fix it, but have booked it for Friday and a technician will ring me with a ETA.

Fast forward to today. I get a call. It's the technician. The rubbish card is NOT IN STOCK.

So, I have to ring Dell again. I go through their terrible phone system again, getting hung up on twice. The man tells me its a big problem with Dell, there is nothing he can do as they can't get the parts and there are hundreds of customers in the same situation. I explain that this isn't helping me, can't they send over a replacement laptop for the time being and swap the hard drives. He keeps repeating that it's not possible, going round in circles and generally being patronising and saying it's a problem with the product and supplier (like this helps me).

I explain that I am in my final year of university. I can't wait weeks for a new part, I need my laptop to work and I PAID for the next day service so it would. He agrees, but keeps repeating it's a known issue. Eventually I snap and tell him I need to talk to a supervisor, and he tells me someone will ring me later.

So here I am. Any ideas on what to do, guys?

PS. I am in the UK. So I have to deal with the terrible outsourced call centre each time :(

EDIT: Thanks all! Someone finally rung me back, and after I mentioned I had talked with the CAB and Consumer Direct about the issue, they suddenly had the downgraded graphics card in stock to be installed tomorrow. Hm.