December 16th, 2009


Big Pond

Did that make you Aussies shudder?

Okay, earlier this month we had an outage for 4 days. But that's not the current problem.

Since March this year we have been constantly charged $10.00 a month more than we should have been.

I've rung them so many times, I've lost count. (I can't just cancel as I'm still on a contract)

Okay three months ago I eventually managed to talk to someone who said they could fix it. We got a credit for the whole seven months. Fine..thought that was sorted.

Last month we got overcharged again. Rang again. The person said it was sorted, and that we were also entitled to another discount for having our land-line, 3 mobiles and cable with them. Good. He sounded like he knew what he was doing.

So guess what. Opened the mail today and I'm still being charged $10.00 more per month than the plan we are on, and NO DISCOUNT. (We are being charged for fast broadband which we can't get here anyway)

Brilliant. I've so far been put through to three people and I'm currently on hold. Been on the phone now for half an hour and counting.

Now for those of you wanting to tell me I'm an idiot for being with Big Pond, I could bore you to death with all the sad and sorry saga of it having taken 3 months to get the landline put on, 6 months to finally get Foxtel to charge us, etc, etc., but I won't. (lol) I will also say that where we are in the country, Telstra seem to be the only service available in our area.

So we are damned.

Still on hold...45 minutes and counting...

No No and helllll no!

When one goes into an adult store, one usually asks for help when,(and if), they need it.

If you, oh very creepy man, had simply asked me from a few feet away if I needed help....everything would've been fine. Do not ever creep up behind me, and make obscene remarks on how wonderful the toy is that I'm currently looking at...and on how you'd be glad to give me a demo after you get off.

It's even more creepy when you demand to see my drivers license, when I am paying in cash, and you had no freaking reason to ask in the first place.

And people wonder why I carry pepper spray.

*Edited to add*

This store has a check in booth at the very front(manned by someone totally different. Before you're even allowed in, you must show your license proving that you're 21, or no entry. As I was paying in cash, he had no further reason to ask for id.