December 11th, 2009

When in doubt > Taylor

Internet Crapola

Dear Comcast,

When I am using your nifty online chat system to troubleshoot the cable tv issues, please don't shut off my internet service.

When your tech schedules a date with me earlier this week, please to be informing me before this annoying internet service call when he cancels and is no longer available until January to fix my tv.

Please to not be arguing when I ask to not be charged the cable portion of my bill for the month of December when I will not get service until the beginning of January.

You suck, I loathe you,


Dear Qwest,

I would be happy to bundle with you...if you provided service in my area.

Please to stop sending your advertisements to areas of which you do not provide service.

You're lame, leave me alone,

Country girl

I caught you!

I caught the mailman attempting to shirk responsibility today. Rang my doorbell, and by the time that I got to the door (elapsed time: 3 seconds) he was already returning to his truck. Our mailbox is curbside, so he hates to get out of his truck to deliver packages. Several times I've gotten notices of attempted delivery in my box when I've been home and within earshot of the door all day.

I opened the door, and he must've heard, because he turned around and grumbled at me, "I have a LARGE PACKAGE for you." When he returned with the package, he had one of those attempted delivery slips in his hand, already filled out.

He also acted like my package was OMG THE HEAVIEST THING EVER. Then he kinda tossed it onto the porch and left. For the record, my 3-year-old happily took the package from me and carried it up the stairs into my bedroom. (It's Christmas presents from Grandma. She told me that she didn't wrap them, so they had to go up there for preparation.)

I hope Mr. Grumpypants Mailman gets coal in his stocking this year. He's certainly not going to like me, as I did 90% of my shopping online, which will be arriving in the next week or so.