December 9th, 2009


I was at Burgers of Kings for lunch (treat from mommy dearests). After I order I was just listining to my Ipod and I happen to look to see the man/boy picking his nose with the gloves on !! I loss my hunger after see that .

Thanks to codevixen for making it clear.
I was at Burger King for lunch (a treat from mommy dearest). After I ordered, I was just listening to my iPod and I happened to look and see an employee picking his nose with his gloves on! I lost my hunger after I saw that.

{I am sorry if my english is hard to understand. I am trying to make it better. What the word that means hunger but is not that word,People say I have lost my ______ ? }

Reason to NOT Bank with us: #27

Before I begin, I just need to state that I'm in Canada, not the US, so any advice regarding the US financial or legal systems isn't going to do me much good, sorry.

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So, I'm sick to my stomach, I'm livid, I feel violated, and I'm at a complete loss. I'm waiting to hear back from a lawyer, since I'm going to try to recover the money. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them. Is it even legal for a bank to do this??
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