December 6th, 2009

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Cell Phone Service Suck!

This is a witnessed suck:
My parents are trying to switch to a different cell phone carrier, they live in a remote place and some cell phones don't work out there. But this mall kiosk claims they do and that they have customers in their area and they haven't had any complaints. My dad goes over with the manager that he will want a full refund if it doesn't work at all. Well turns out the phone doesn't work in that area at all, so not even 48 hours later they drive back here at tell them the phone doesn't work at all out there and says they want to return it. Collapse )
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I work at a make-your-own-teddy-bear store, and one of my newer coworkers is well on his way to being fired.

Part of the reason? He told a little girl, maybe six or so, that her bear should carry a brick in her purse so she (the bear) won't get raped.

Edited to clarify wording.