December 3rd, 2009

House and Amber (ctb)

I'm sorry, it's about the post office.

So my boyfriend and I are trying to get a big box of goods together to send to the troops who don't get a lot of holiday goodies and have asked some friends to help us get some things together that they need over there. Most of the boxes from our friends have arrived in good shape and in orderly fashion. Except for the one uninsured box.
Hey Mr (or Ms.) Post Office worker. I'm sorry your job sucks so bad that you had to rip apart a box and steal half a package of tube socks and all of the magazines inside then just put a rubber band back around it. Yeah I know "there's nothing you can do about it" because it was uninsured, however you're just screwing over our troops who specifically asked for those items and now they don't get them.
Nice job there skippy.
Ok I honestly don't care if anyone wants to take the post office side. I just have no reason to believe my friend would ship a ripped mostly empty box.Having been screwed by the post office several times I have no trouble believing it was totally them. Having had to speak with them a few times and seeing their quality of behavior on the job and craptastic attitude I still think it's them, recession or not.

More like annoying managment/company

Me and a friend went into 7-Eleven today to get a free slushie. The college here has a coupon book they give out at the beginning of the quarter, and 7-Eleven was in there with multiple coupons for either a free slushie or fountain beverage. My friend got to the register and handed the girl the coupon and she said she they no longer accepted them. Supposedly people made copies of them and that's why they stopped. I'm aggravated because no where in the store (not at the register, slushie/fountain beverage machine, or on the door) did it say they no longer took them in.

I am NOT meant to have pizza tonight. WTH?!?

Tonight was so horrible in regard to bad service and pizza places, it's actually quite comical.

So my Mom, daughter, and I wanted pizza tonight. Call up one of the famous pizza places that is usually pretty good, and order a brooklyn style pizza, olives, white sauce, mmm yummy pizza goodness.

We wait, it comes, the box is handed to me where everything seems good at first. I get to the kitchen, put the pizza down, open the box and literally, my mouth dropped open. There was pools of grease on the pizza. Imagine a pizza that is sprinkled with crisco instead of Parmesan cheese. I have never, in all my life, seen a pizza so greasy. I then notice the other side of the box that is dripping with grease, through the cardboard it is dripping everywhere. On the side where the box folds up there is literally a pool of grease. I show my Mom, she agrees it is absolutely disgusting to have a pizza that greasy. I have eaten greasy new york pizza... this was 10 times beyond that. Deep fried pizza would have less grease!

So we call them and tell them the situation... they have an attitude saying that is just the way the pizza is made. Um, no. If there are grease pools in the box and it looks like you just topped it with oil, thats not okay. The crust was disgustingly soggy it was so greasy. They reluctantly tell us they will refund our money. Delivery guy comes, is acting pissed off, has me sign a slip saying the money was returned, but told us to keep the pizza.

So we decide to order from another well known pizza place that has normally never been a problem. I do their online ordering system, and distinctly remember clicking large pizza. There are 3 of us eating, medium would not do. I had used the online coupon for "first online order" pizza for 8.99. It says any size, any pizza up to 3 toppings or specialty. So we got the large cheese lovers with black olives. Also got the chocolate dunkers and their yummy sauce.

Pizza comes to us... the pizza is cold. Okay, whatever, we are really hungry and nothing a little pop in the microwave couldn't fix. However, I'm looking at the box and thinking "Damn, this really is a small pizza." Open the pizza up, yeah, it is most definitely not a large.

I check the e-receipt (should of looked before) and it says medium. Now I know for a fact I clicked large. I double check everything and even read it off to my mom before I submitted the order. We call them, tell them that something must be up with their online ordering because we hit large, got a medium. They then said that since it wasn't our first online order to this address we couldn't get the large. So I said "What, so I click large and your system will tell it to put in medium if its not our first order? WTH? That's not right" they bitch and moan and basically tell us tough shit, that it wasn't our first order so that's what happened. I just hang up, start laughing, and tell my Mom that some force is telling us we should not be eating pizza tonight.

So if I wake up with food poisoning tomorrow.... I know who to blame. F you pizza gods! LOL.

So the bad service? Totally greasy absolutely disgusting pizza. The other bad service? Determining that since it wasn't your first order it's going to bump you down to a medium pizza when you hit large. STUPID!

Oh well. I still ate the pizza because after this 2 hour ordeal we were hungry, lol