November 25th, 2009

Solicitary Phone Calls

Has anyone been getting these annoying phone calls from a Ft.Lauderdale #? Its getting really
old!! They call on the average of once a day and they never answer when you say hello! Because
of the 1st few times that they did this I have been picking up and hanging up without saying anything at all. If any of you happen to receive these calls the # shows up on caller ID like this,FTLAUDERDL FL, 954-495-4465. Just a heads up guys! Have a good one!

Would you move your money?

I was matching my bank statement up with my check book the other day, just like I always do, come to find I have been charged $6 for 'foreign atm fees'. Never been charged 'foreign atm fees' before in the past year and a half my husband and I have had this account. It's a paid 'gold' account. I work graveyard shift at a store that has a bank located inside of it, atm accessible all night long and free to use on their part. Every week I take money out when we get paid, never been charged a 'fee' before.

So my husband I go to a location across town because we each have an appointment to see what this was all about. The lady said that their bank charges a $2 fee a pop for using a different atm. I asked her why I never got charged before? She tells me it must have been a glitch in the computer. I asked her for the last year and a half there has been a glitch? So she tries and finds more transactions from that ATM machine, but ironically, she couldn't 'SEE' any. Not 'find', but couldn't 'SEE'. (Because I found them later!).
Granit, the past few months my husband was laid off, so there was only one or two transactions per month, but they are STILL there.

But at this point, I didn't bring any statements with me, and was wandering why she was playing 'dumb' with me. I told her this was a paid 'gold' account, to see if that made a difference and it didn't. I then tell her I don't want the paid account anymore, seeing how it's useless now. She tells me it'll be $20-$50 fee to switch from a paid account to a free account. I told her to nevermind, and after about 10 minutes of fighting with her, AND her superviser that there are transactions from that ATM, I left.

When I got home later that day, I pulled everysingle one of my statements, and marked the ones with those same atm transactions, and looked at my policy for having a paid account. It says I have four free foreign atm fees for a month to use. I count the ones for october, and there are four for that month (there was one from my bank, because I had forgetton to get money out one day before I left. There are five weeks in october).

So I take the policy and my statements and go to a closer location. (I wanted to go to the other one, but it was too far away, and I probably would have popped that lady anyhow!!).
The people at this one know who we are, and were a lot nicer. They said that 'balance inquires' also account toward atm fees, but they waived the $6 fee for us anyways, and told us if we want a free account, they would waive that fee too for us.

But I still am considering moving my money. I wouldn't have an account if we both didn't have to get direct deposit. I don't know if I want my money somewhere, where somebody's going to lie to my like I have 'freaking idiot' written accross my forhead or something.
Now I understand why the $6 was there, now that they explained that to me like I wasn't trying to scam them or something. But the way I was being talked to at the other location made me want to cancel my account right then and there. I still am considering!
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Dell Saga Part 1

Let’s start with a small recap of what happened between me and my long time friend Dell.
I sent my laptop out for repair a few weeks ago. I received a 495$ estimate which I declined and last Sunday I found out that my laptop had spent the weekend outside in the Purolator box, and once I opened the box my laptop wasn’t even reassembled and on top of it, it had no OS anymore.
Monday I called the number that was on the repair report; my first selection was for French and Customer Service. A guy answered faking to be the automated voice that says that the department is closed. Sorry dude, usually it’s a woman with a very nice voice speaking, not a broken one with a very thick and foreign accent. I got hung up on. I called again, this time selecting English-Customer service. I was answered by a lady named Marahanapuna (I think, sorry for the spelling) and she put me on hold, took my call again, put me on hold and then hung up. I also forgot to mention the 30 minute hold for each call.
Yesterday I was determined to speak to a supervisor. I called another number; one I found on their website after I googled: Complaints + Dell. I select once again English-Customer service (funny how they have so many numbers yet they all have the same options)
Anyways, I’m on hold waiting for an agent (because my call is very important to them) for another 30 minutes. Finally I get answered and I ask to speak to a supervisor, the agent asks me to sum my problem so he can send the request to his superior. I recite the whole thing very calmly. I am once again put on hold for 15 minutes and the call hangs up. A bit pissed that it’s the third time in 2 days I get hung up on I decide to be tenacious and call again. I select the same options and I wait another 30 minutes, this time I get a guy telling me that I have the wrong department that I need to call technical support at another number which he provides me. I call the other number and elect technical support, I speak with a lady who transfers me elsewhere, and once I got a hold of another agent I ask to speak with a supervisor immediately without explaining my case. I think so far I have been extremely patient and cooperative.
I spoke with Leo who was shocked about what happened. I told him that this never happened to me before with Dell and that I consider myself quite a good client having bough, 1 desktop computer, 2 laptops, 2 32” TVs, a printer, a camera and the Student Office 2007 in the past.
So anyways, he advises me that he will call the repair center for more information and that he’ll call me back. After 15 minutes or so he calls me back and states that my computer was damaged by liquid. I say I have no idea how that could have happened but I am willing to accept that it might be my fault. I worked technical support before and I know shit happens. My problem is really that I sent out a computer that was working and a wreck came back. I was expecting to have it returned as it was shipped and that I was flabbergasted that Purolator left the box outside.
Leo didn’t believe me. He said there’s no way in hell that Purolator would have left the equipment outside because they could be held responsible if it was stolen. I told him that I wasn’t lying and this still didn’t fix my problem that I wanted my computer reassembled and with an OS! He told me to call Purolator to validate who signed for the package and that I had once again reached the wrong department but he was kind enough to have investigated anyways for me and that after I call Purolator I call another number and he gave me a reference number.
*takes a deep breath*
I call Purolator and spoke with Marie. She said the drop was authorised by the shipper. AKA Dell!
I call back with the new information and after another 20 minutes on hold I give my reference number to the agent and he takes a minute to read the ticket and nervously tells me he’ll transfer me to the right department, a few minutes later the guy does the same thing and after 15 minutes I just hung up. At that point I spent 3 hours of my time, almost 2 of them on hold.
I used a link that someone posted to write about the situation and now with a reference number it’ll be easier to track.
Is it just me or Dell has the WORST customer service EVER! My God! I accept the fact that I might have damaged it! I just want it back the way I shipped it! WORKING AND ASSEMBLED! And treated with dignity for Christ sake! Not dropped at my door over the weekend at -5 degrees!
At this point after all the bullshit I just went through I should deserve a new one! I’m a good customer, I never complain and I bought tons of stuff from them! Could I get a minimum of courtesy?

I went to bed early, I was totally drained. Fuck at some point on the call I screamed and cried! Don’t they get it! I just want some apologies for the bad service at the technical support and the Purolator incident and maybe just a bit of compensation such a rebate or maybe just repair it and avoid all the nonsense!

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Taxi driver accuses me of giving him the wrong address and leaves me!

I dont usually get treated so bad that I think about stuff once im home, but today was an exception.

Just some back ground notes: I have been living in canada around a year and a half, dont drive and very rarely travel out of the area I live in

So today I had to go down town for a business meeting. no problem.
At the end of the meeting I headed for a cab outside the hotel we had our conference in.
I rattled off my address blah blah street
and the taxi driver says "yes yes" and we set off

20 minutes later he slows down and asks me which house is mine..
I worry a little because I dont recognise the street and tell him "this isnt where I live, I live in a tower"

taxi driver: you told me blah blah avenue
me: no, I said blah blah street
taxi driver: no you said blah blah avenue
me: no, I know my address and I definatly said blah blah street (of all the cabs I have taken I have never been taken to the wrong address, and being as this has been my one address for my whole time here im pretty used to saying it!)
taxi driver: well why didnt you tell me I was coming to the wrong place
me: because I dont drive, and I dont know my way home from down town

anyway the taxi driver rants at me and basicly calls me a liar and starts to drive off

he then asks me how much money I have on me because the place he has taken me to is on the other side of town.
now I did a *little* bad, I lied and said I only had $20, because it was his mistake and I wasnt going to pay an extra $15 when he had taken me to the wrong place and been so rude about it, plus I didnt know how much I would need to get back home, it costs me $20 to the hotel, and he had driven me out of the way in rush hour.
he says "you are ripping me off" and calls his manager

hes just as rude as the driver "well you wouldnt have gone to blah blah avenue if you hadnt said avenue"
so the taxi driver doesnt charge me (thank god he didnt charge me because I would not have had enough money to get home) but tells me to get out. I ask if he has a cell phone I could use to call another cab (I dont have a cell) he says "they wont send another cab for you, use one of the stores phones"

so he left me in an unfamiliar area to find my own way home. it was really upsetting for me, because I literally had no idea where I was, it was cold, and it was dark.

the OH has emailed a complaint, I doubt they will respond.