November 22nd, 2009

Gypsy Eye

not earthshattering but...

A couple of weeks ago, I did the majority of my online Christmas shopping since I had some extra money. I wanted to get my mom a doormat with lighthouses on it to add to her collection. I tried Amazon but didn’t find anything in my price range that appealed to me so I did a search and found a website - - that had just about anything you could ever want if you're into lighthouses. I ordered a beautiful rug from them.

I was very excited because for the first time in ages, Mom’s present would be a surprise (due to various health problems, my daughter & I live with my mother and since she is my only source of transportation, it’s hard to shop for her gift without her seeing what it is).

I got a notice from the order department that my package was shipped on the 16th. I checked the UPS site for tracking info and it plainly says “1 box”, estimated delivery date of 11/20. Great! The morning of the 20th, I had to make a trip across the street to get some household essentials. While I was gone, UPS delivered the rug. Here’s where it gets fun - the rug was not in a box; rather, it was rolled up, with the lighthouse side facing outward, shrink-wrapped in heavy plastic, with the description, “NAVIGATION LIGHTHOUSE MAT”, written in Sharpie on the plastic. Since I wasn’t home, Mom had to sign for it - and got to see exactly what I ordered.

Yesterday I got a customer satisfaction survey from them. I filled it out, telling them how disappointed I was in the way the rug was packaged for shipping. I got a response from them, saying that I should’ve asked what it would be shipped in if it was a concern. I told them that I had just assumed since the tracking info said a box, it would be in a box, not in plastic wrap. The reply to that was shipping info ALWAYS states a box, regardless if what it’s actually shipped in, and if I wanted to keep what I had ordered a secret from someone, maybe I shouldn’t have it shipped somewhere they would see it.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the worst service in the world but it’s definitely put a damper on me ordering anything else from them in the future.

*edit* - It's a small 2'x3' doormat, maybe 1/4" thick. The roll isn't even 6 inches wide.
There was no place on the order page to indicate it was a gift and since I've never ordered anything like this before, I wasn't aware that I should've told them to pack it in anything special.