November 20th, 2009

Mind Fuck  By:  marumaru_san

KFC/Taco Bell

The KFC/Taco Bell in our town sucks and I could probably fill a book with a bunch of minor stuff but this one took the cake.

One day during the summer, we went through the drive-thru and ordered stuff from both sides. We ordered five (more than one person wanted one) of the original recipe snacker sandwiches. When we got to the window, they told us that there would be a 5-8 minute wait on the snackers while they cooked more chicken for them. We weren't in a huge hurry and said that would be fine, we'd wait. They asked us to pull up to the drive thru waiting and they'd bring it right out.

Five minutes goes by, eight minutes. The drive thru is kind of busy so we aren't sweating it, figure they'll be right out with it. When it hits fifteen minutes, we start to think they may have forgotten us. We debate what to do. I don't want to drive back around, thinking that if they look out and we're gone they'll think we left and get rid of our food. But, it's middle of the summer and over 100 degrees and walking across the parking lot isn't appealing either (sue me, I'm lazy). I grab the receipt and the phone number is on it so I whip out my cell phone and call to see what's up. I tell the person that answers that we've been waiting nearly 20 minutes for our food and they go "hang on, I'll get a manager" before I can say anything else. Manager comes on and I tell her how long we've been waiting and ask if there was a problem (I was super nice about it, didn't try to blame anyone). All she says is "I don't know, I'll check and get it out" and hangs up. It's another five minutes before we get our food. At that point we've been waiting nearly half an hour. No sorry, no offer to comp it or even toss in a free side (they've done it before for getting the order wrong). Just "here's your food". When we checked, they had left something out. Checked the receipt and they hadn't rang it up so we just left.

If I hadn't already paid for it, I never would have waited that long.

"Would you like guilt with that?"

There is a really good Chinese restaurant near me. I've always had really good experiences with their service in the past, but today...Wow. Cue: letter-rant.

Dear Chinese Food Delivery Man,

Thank you for being so friendly. You're always very nice. However, I really feel that you crossed a line today. While I know you must think that you were being very helpful, your unsolicited "Would you like a good way to lose your weight?" was unwelcome and, frankly, inappropriate.

Then, you kept me at my door for a good 3 minutes giving me weight loss advice (and poor advice at that.)This was very uncomfortable for me. I couldn't just close the door, because that would be rude--and you were being unintentionally rude enough for the both of us. Also, sir--and this may come as a shock--but you are not telling my anything that I do not already know. You see, I know that I have a weight problem. This is not a new thing. I have always struggled with my weight. I am currently seeing professionals to help deal with my physical and (severe) psychological issues around my weight. You have just severely enhanced the latter with your "help."

Please be more sensitive next time,
Your Upset and Highly Embarrassed Customer.