November 17th, 2009


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Okay, so I'm a youngin' and I just have started driving lessons. I have social anxiety pretty bad, and I do have medicine I take to calm that, but it makes my brain kinda careless and wonky. All in all Xanax + Driving = Bad for me. Sadly, this driving school is the only driving school in town that operates outside of summer vacation. :c

My driving instructor is a middle aged man, and he's scary. The car is filthy inside and out and he's always drinking copious amounts of energy drinks and taking calls on his bluetooth and ignoring me. Okay, you're tired, you run a business, you haven't the time or funds to clean your car. I can understand that! Really, I can.

But I have told you sir, that I have social anxiety. I feel that it is only fair that I let you know this because I feel that it can impair my driving skills to an extent. Also, though my hopes may seem a little lofty, I would really appreciate it if you were to treat me a little nicer and kinder than normal students. I don't react well to yelling or harsh scoldings.

No. Apparently not.

Now, when doing something I have never done before and don't have the slightest clue how to do, I learn from my mistakes. If I didn't begin braking when I was supposed to, that's my bad. There is no need to yell at me! Telling me I "CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT." isn't going to help me be a better driver. When I don't put enough gas coming out of a turn because I'm too busy choking from the smoke fumes [which i am allergic to, by the by] in your car, a simple "A little more gas, please." would suffice. Breaking in the middle of a busy four-way intersection to chew me out isn't right.

Having me pull over every five seconds is not helping me. When I'm pulling away from the curb and I look at my right mirror that is next to the sidewalk, I know it's unnecessary, but I'm new and I'm just trying to be careful! Please don't give me lip about how stupid I am for wasting time. Also, no sir. This is my first lesson. Legally I was not allowed to practice before this. No sir, my single father holds down two jobs and does not have another figure to help me practice. Again, I know it "isn't" your "damn fault" that I haven't been practicing, but please abide by the DMV's rules.

Sir, giving up halfway through the lesson to switch seats with me because I'm the "worst driver eva omfgs!!" and drive me home isn't really helping either. I expect a good twenty five dollars back for that, since you wasted the time that I am paying for.

On a side note, I really don't think I did that bad at all! I obeyed all laws perfectly, I just had trouble maintaining speed, [If I dropped 5mph under the speed limit I was being yelled at.] and was a little timid with the gas, because I didn't want to crash into things. :c

I'm not looking forward to my next three lessons. Somebody save me. ;__;

Update on Roadrunner Crapness

Update to

I called TW tonight to request a credit. I explained and requested $50 credit (three months of Turbo plus 30% of this past month's internet, which I thought was pretty fair), and they gave it to me without a fight. The reps were surprisingly friendly tonight.

And yes, I took off Turbo.

This is not the end. I have only won the battle, not the war. x3

Minor suck, but still...

On Friday, my friends and I went to see our friend T in the hospital. On the way back, R, who was driving, ran out of gas. She drives a Prius. How you run out of gas in a hybrid, I have no idea (I mean, I know the how, just not the why).

So we have to pull over on the highway. R has her 1 year old son with us, and he was passed out until he realized the car was stopped.
So My friend S called AAA and they give us gas. Well, the car would not register that we had gas now and was freaking out. It wouldn't turn off or do ANYTHING and the battery was draining.

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I also decided that I will never own a hybrid if they are that much of a PITA.