November 15th, 2009

Because I'm a racist

I promise the following information IS relevant to the suck and I am NOT trying to start wank

I go to a Mexican grocery store for a lot of my shopping, the prices are good and it's close-ish to my house. The signs and ads are all in Spanish, they play mariachi music (which my daughter loves), there's a shrine to the Virgin Mary over the doors and I've never had an employee say one word of English to me until last night. As my dad puts it, it's kind of like taking a mini vacation to Mexico.

So we went last night to pick up some stuff and the trip was normal. Lines are always long, but I can cope. Pushed the cart out to the car, loaded the groceries into the trunk and then I walked the cart back to the corral while my husband buckled the kiddos into their car seats. As I was walking back to the car the cart pusher came out, there were 4 abandoned carts on the island next to my car, they had been there when we pulled in.

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