November 9th, 2009

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Okay. This is so freaking hilarious (to me at least) that I have to post it.
My mom has been without internet for the past month. She has Xipline through our cable company and one day it just stopped working. So, she calls them up. They tell her it's probably her router. She buys a new one, still nothing. She buys a new wireless adapter, still nothing. This back and forth goes on for a month. They eventually say that it has to be the drivers in her computer. Well, her computer sucks, so she could believe that.
Yesterday, me and my boyfriend stopped by to give her my old laptop, since I just got a new desktop. She was excited, because now she would be able to get on the internet.
Except, not. We told her that the last time we stopped by (to get said new desktop) the internet didn't work. Even when we connected to it directly using the ethernet.
I thought steam was going to shoot out of her head.
"That means it's the modem, right?"
We just shook our heads. Yeah, it had to be that.
So, we're just sitting there talking for a bit and she realizes something.
They were a day late on their payment last month (I know, that's bad on them, but stuff happens.). After they paid, the cable came back on, but the internet never did.
She walks to her room, calls them, then comes back.
"I'm going to kill someone."
Yeah, I'm sure you can guess what happened. They never reconnected her internet after the bill was paid. They essentially cost her a good $100 in new equipment that she didn't need to pay. They also could have cost her a job, because she needs the internet to work. They also blamed her every time she called for all of the problems. Because there's no way it could be them right?
Anyway, they told her to come in today and talk to their billing department and that it should get fixed.
I just hope she doesn't get the cops called on her. >.>

Short, but quite sucky.

What kind of company doesn't let you talk to a person, at all?  I hate that.  

I called Homesite Insurance Company-- they're a subsidiary of Progressive that does homeowner's insurance-- and they took me through a completely automated menu.  Okay, not unusual, but since I'm an agent I needed to talk to a person.  We had received a check that was made out to the company directly, so SOP is that we call the company, let them know we have a payment, then send it along to them.  We don't often write with Homesite, so I didn't have an address on hand.

So I go through the whole menu and there's no address option or "send your payment here" or anything, so I look for an option to talk to someone.  There's no option to speak to a representative or anything else like that, until I get back to the "make a payment" section of billing.  Finally, the automated voice says "Press 3 to speak with a customer service representative."  Ah, finally.  I press 3.  The automated voice then says "Thank you for calling.  Goodbye!" and the call is ended.  What the hell kind of shit is that?  There's NO WAY to talk to a person.  I mean, I know they like to avoid people just calling about stuff they could take care of with the automation, but dang.
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Not a huge life-or-death suck, but still irritating...

I turned 18 last May and I live in the UK: thus I have been able to legally buy alcohol for nearly six months. I don't like the taste, so I've only done so three or four times (cooking wine and presents for other people), and every time has been from my local Somerfields store.

Now, I think that I look like a fetus look my age, or possibly a little younger - I have a bit of a baby face. I certainly think that I look under twenty-five, so logically, I should be carded for alcohol under Somerfields' "Ask 25, Sell 18" policy.

Not according to the lovely cashiers. I have never been carded once when buying alcohol in there. When the prompt comes up on their tills saying "Does the customer look under 25?", they all push no and continue with the transaction. I have actually seen the prompt and see them press the button.

And then there was the lady who pressed the button, then peered at me and said, "Yeah, you look just about twenty-five..."

D8! Just D8!

Please, Somerfields, stop doing that. I'm starting to get paranoid that I look seven years older than I actually do, and I'm too young for this sort of age-related paranoia!

Edited to change wording in title from "niggling" to "irritating" in case anybody was offended. Hope that's okay.

Edit: It seems that the majority think that there's no bad_service here, so I'm probably just being over-sensitive. Sorry!
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So for the last two weeks or so, the contact in my right eye has been moving around almost every time I blink. At first I thought the lens was just getting old, but changing it didn't help and the new lens moves when I blink, too. I decided that I should go see my optometrist today, since I was going to be home anyway. I called this morning and made an appointment.

Now, this particular office goes through doctors like crazy. The guy I saw today was the same guy I saw back in September for my yearly, and he had only been there a few months before that. He seemed a bit rude the first time I saw him, but I brushed it off. No big deal. Well today, this man pissed me off like you wouldn't believe.

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Update post

Update to this:

I went back to the Starbucks today to talk to a manager, and thankfully he did have time to speak to me. It turns out, that the barista from my post had been fired Saturday for being incredibly rude to another customer (the manager didn't go into details). He was very sorry and apologetic about what had happened, and I got a $25 gift card! I will admit to laughing in completely unholy glee that she'd already been fired, though that's probably a bit spiteful of me. Can't really bring myself to fell anything but vindication over the whole thing!
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Bad Chili's Service

On friday I placed an order for Chili's to go. I was to pick it up for my lunch break. When I got there I had to wait for a specific person to ring me out, no biggie. Though waiting 10 minutes to pay for an order I was holding is pretty irritating. I'm pretty sure the person just wanted my tip, which I can understand, however they weren't really serving me if anything the bartender who went looking for him over and over again should have gotten it. This is not the bad service.

The bad service starts once I walk back to my lunch room and seeing that my chicken was not cooked. I called them up and told them the issue. I had just spent like 12 bucks on uncooked chicken. Unfortunately, I wouldn't get to have my lunch. I asked them if they would please have it ready for me when I got off work, and I even walked the uncooked food back over to them. I understand things happen, and sure, it sucked that I didn't get to have my lunch, but I still wasn't too angry. I talked to the manager and he said he would have it ready for 3 when i got off.

So after my shift I wander back over to there and wait at the to go counter. There's a man behind there, and he is on his cell phone. I waited patiently for him to get off, but once he was finished he just sort of left. Now I was all sorts of confused. So I wait some more, have a few people wander by me. Eventually the same bartender from earlier spots me and she seems shocked that someone hadn't helped me yet. She dropped whatever she was doing to go grab my food.

I probably should have demanded to talk to the manager again, but I was hungry and tired. I just decided to go home. I did end up calling and talking to the manager after I ate. I told him that the bartender was wonderful, but I was pretty upset about the guy on his cell phone and how every other person who walked past me ignored me. He instantly went into how the phone person doesn't speak english and that it wasn't his job to do that. Yes, I can see how it's not his job to go pick up a to go order for me, but he could have grabbed some one, and why was he standing behind the to go counter on his phone in the first place? The manager didn't really seem to care about it at all.

I wish I would have asked for a refund or something.

Oh and a bonus: I had split my food with my brother, and we both ended up getting sick. I'm not sure if it was just some stomach bug or if it had been that crummy food.