November 8th, 2009

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I recently re-signed up for a T-mobile two year myfaves plan. I signed up for the 5 faves contacts that I can call without it affecting my minutes and for 300 texts a month. When I signed back up at a kiosk at a mall they had me spin a wheel for signing up and they said I won a free month of texting. Excellent, right? I also signed up for the easypay so I wouldn't need to worry about signing in every month and paying the bill. This was on October 11th.

On November 3rd I signed into to make sure that things were in order. I checked my balance and it said my balance is $0.00 and that the easypay was in place. So I assume everything is in order.

My new billing cycle started on the 7th of November. I tried to send a text message to someone and found that my service had been cancelled. I click 'Check Balance' on my phone and it says I owe $164.39. I'm alarmed so I sign into to check what's going on. The website says that I owe $0.00 and that I'll need to pay $0.00 to reactivate my phone. It says that I still have easypay and the credit card is correct but my bill should only come to $54 and change per month. I call in and the machine that directs you tells me that I owe $270.64.

I'm getting pretty upset. I finally get a hold of someone. The man I spoke to tried to tell me he couldn't tell me anything about why things were contradicting each other or why it said my bill was that high. I told him that if they could send me a bill and turn off my phone they better be able to tell me why. (snarky and angry but I think reasonable) He puts me on hold. About five minutes later he tells me that it's because I went over my limit on minutes and text messages.
I tell him that this isn't possible because I've only been calling the myFaves numbers and that I should have free texts for the entire month of October. He tells me that I only have one MyFave person activated. I flip my phone open to the MyFaves section. There are five listed, just like I put in. I tell him so. He argues and says that I only resigned up one after I got my phone reactivated. I was told that after I resigned up everything was as it should be. MyFaves were listed in my phone and worked when I used the myFaves shortcut to call them.

He offers to re-put everyone on my MyFaves list back on. I tell him all the names and numbers. The I ask him about the free month of texting. He tells me that because I won it at a store I have to go to the store and talk to the person who signed me up for it. He tells me that there's no way he can do anything about that over the phone even though I won this at a T-mobile store from a T-mobile representative. So now I need to drive out to the kiosk where I got everything and hope the person that I spoke to is there. -_-

He tells me that he's going to credit my account $106.25 until Wednesday when they have more information and they'll call me back to figure out what's going on. He said my phone is supposed to be turned on but it still isn't. I'll give it another two hours then I'm calling back. He also couldn't tell me why the discrepancies between the website and my account existed or why my automatic withdrawal didn't work.

So I'm still clueless as to most of what the heck is going on with my phone. Someone apparently will call me on Wednesday. Still really frustrated but I guess we'll see what happens.
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